Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pinterest Terms of Service Changes Announced


pinterest change of TOS

Pinterest has been under fire for a while for their original Terms of Service, which stated, among other things, that by pinning content to your Pinterest boards you were agreeing to let them use that content in many ways, including selling it.  There has been a lot of uproar, mostly by photographers and artists whose content is being pinned without their consent, who are worried their creations would be able to be used by Pinterest commercially without compensation to them.  Pinterest has finally responded to these concerns, and they sent out this email this morning, explaining that the original TOS was a standard set of terms, and selling user content was never their intention. 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Amazon Prime Now Includes Discovery Network Shows


Amazon Prime announced today that they  have added 3000 more titles to their streaming Amazon Prime free library,   They made a deal with Discovery Network to bring shows from Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet and Science to Amazon Prime’s streaming library.

Some of the shows available will include “Deadliest Catch,Mythbusters, Man vs. Wild, Dirty Jobs, Gold Rush: Alaska, andShark Week, TLC series like Say Yes to the Dress and Cake Boss, as well as content like How It’s Made from Science, and The Jeff Corwin Experience from Animal Planet.”  Yes, LA InK is included, too.


Amazon Prime Free Month Trial



Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pinterest Changes Let Website Owners Opt Out of Being Pinned

  But should you do it?




Pinterest, the wildly addictive social network that allows people to pin things they find online to virtual "boards", has made some changes this week that will possibly make many website owners concerned about people "stealing" and pinning their content to their boards very happy.  They have provided a bit of code that you can add to the head code of your site to stop people from pinning your stuff.

They made an addition to their help section that says, “What if I don’t want images from my site to be pinned?”:

Pinterest code for websites to stop pinning

Lots of people have been going on about people "stealing" their content and pinning it, and how it's copyright infringement or in some way harming them.  Now they have this little box they can add, which would be awesome, except for one thing. It doesn't stop people who really want to pin/save something and are determined to do it from just saving the image to their hard drive and uploading it directly themselves or taking a screenshot,  and then maybe giving the original site a link back..and maybe not.

All using this code is going to do for some sites is strip away the link and possible huge boost in traffic they would have gotten from their content being allowed to be shared on Pinterest. Some website owners are reporting HUGE boosts in traffic from Pinterest. Last I checked, lots of traffic and people sharing your content on social sites was a good thing. Yes, there is the potential for things to get pinned wrong, or in the pinning and repinning your link could get lost in the shuffle and your content is just out there. It happens all the time on Pinterest, but it also happens pretty much anywhere people share content. Does that make it okay? No, of course not, but people are all freaking out about Pinterest in particular and how it’s evil and illegal and should be shut down. If that’s the case, then we should shut down Facebook, Google Plus, WeHeartIt, Tumblr, Piccsy, Clipboard,, Imgur, Photobucket, Flickr, YouTube, and pretty much any social networking site where images are shared.  The linking back systems on many of these sites is decidedly flawed. Tumblr, in particular, is a nightmare for trying to find the source of things.  There is another huge issue about Pinterest possibly taking people’s images and selling them or licensing them, because their TOS says they can. This is a whole other huge post that I will address later, but again, most, if not all, of these sites I mentioned in some way profit from their user-uploaded content. Most of that content does not belong to the people who uploaded it.  How about LOLcats and the whole slew of sites dedicated to nothing but uploaded pictures and videos?  You think they’re not making their money? Do you think most of the pictures uploaded belong to the ones who uploaded them? 

I’m not saying people shouldn’t be concerned about their images being used without permission and should just let people freely take whatever they like without payment or permission. That’s crazy. There are licensing issues for many people whose images are being used.There is huge potential for abuse and misuse on ANY site that allows people to upload and share things they find online, and people could definitely lose money and hurt their brand as an artist if they’re not careful. I just think that vilifying sites like Pinterest for the supposed evil TOS and for encouraging people to pilfer all the pretty pictures they find online and pin them, is a bit short-sighted, and placing the blame in the wrong place.

On the photo-sharing site Zooomr, for instance, I was able to find this picture of this cute kitty and use the embed code they provided next to it to embed it here. 

DSC02708 by quake on Zooomr

I was also able to easily pin it to my Kitteh pinboard


Kittehs - pretty kitty..(2)

even though the photo was posted with an “All Rights Reserved” license,

DSC02708 - Zooomr Photo Sharing

I could still take it and post it online for use in this here blog post, with no payment or least until the owner tracks me down and objects. I could do anything I want with it, if I chose.  Granted, this photo is probably not something the owner posted with intent to sell.  He/she is maybe not a professional artist or photographer, and I get the difference. There is a big difference.  It isn’t mine to take legally, just because I like it, but I did.  Unfortunately for some, good or bad, this is how things currently work online. Most people think that if it’s posted online it’s free for the taking, and you can do pretty much anything you want with things you “find”, as long as you just give a link to where you found it. There are serious issues in terms of copyright and curation everywhere on the net, so the smart thing to do is protect your creative properties of any kind when you make it available for viewing/use online. Instead of targeting sites like Pinterest, blocking them, and shouting about their evil ways, embrace them as a way to bring more attention to your work, learn how to control your content as best you can, and adapt.

How Do You Protect Your Images Online?

1.  When posting your work to your own website, use a lightbox plugin, so all pictures open up in a lightbox if someone right clicks on them. They can’t be pinned or right clicked and saved from inside the lightbox.  I’ve also heard good things about the NextGEN Gallery plugin

2. Post a very clear notice on your site that your images are not free to be used without permission and exactly what is and isn’t allowed.  That may stop some people from taking them.

3.  Watermark all of your photos, or at the very least put your name and the url to  your site on the picture. That way, unless someone deliberately cuts it out of the picture, no matter where the picture ends up it clearly tells people how to find you and your site. 

4.  Only post thumbnails or low-res images, that will make them unsuitable for use on a lot of sites, including Pinterest. 

5.  You can create a private site to post your images to if you want to share higher resolution images with no watermarks, and make people have to sign up and log in if they want to see the full images. That way, people can’t just randomly land on your site and swipe things, and you can build yourself a nice mailing list of potential customers who may buy from you in the future.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I think the potential benefits from allowing your content to be pinned and shared far outweigh any risk. To each their own though, so those concerned can now opt out and keep their stuff all to themselves. :Pinterest isn’t going away anytime soon, clones are popping up all over, and there are far too many of them already doing exactly what Pinterest does. Pinterest just found a really easy, visually appealing and addictive way to do it.  They are trying to be sensitive to copyright issues and also limited the pin descriptions to 500 words, to avoid people copying and pasting entire blog posts and recipes to their pin descriptions. 

If you aren’t a Pinterest member and would like a free invite, just leave me a comment or shoot me a message with your email address and I’ll send you one.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Season 2 of Being Human Starts Tomorrow on Syfy

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Turn This Mother Out - Sneak Peek - Being Human-Episode 201: Watch a sneak peek of the next all-new episode of Being Human. Monday at 9/8c.

Sneak Peak of Season 2

Watch Being Human Season I on Netflix

Late to the party, as usual, I discovered the Syfy Channel’s series “Being Human” last weekend.  I spent the entire day on Saturday watching Season 1 on Netflix, and now I’m hooked and can’t wait for the start of Season 2 tomorrow, January 16th.  Unfortunately, since I no longer have cable, I’ll have to wait until the episodes air on Hulu, but that’s okay. I will definitely be watching.           

“Being Human” is a remake of the British show of the same name, and is about three 20-something roommates, a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost, who share a house in Boston that used to belong to Sally (the ghost) and her fiancĂ© Danny, when she was still alive. Before he pushed her down the stairs and killed her. As fans of Twilight know, vampires and werewolves are not friends, but somehow Aiden (the vampire) and Josh (the werewolf) found each other and forged a friendship, and decided that cohabitation was the way to go. It’s hard being a “monster” alone trying to live in the human world, so moving in together allows the 2 of them to live a somewhat normal home-life with someone who understands their issues. They then met Sally when they moved into her former house, that she is stuck in waiting for “her door” to appear so that she can “move on.” 

What Happened in Season I of Being Human?

A whole lot of stuff happened in Season 1, and I’m not gonna do a play-by-play of every episode, but in a nutshell…The show’s first season chronicles all the trails and tribulations “monsters” living in the everyday world must go through, like Aiden’s occasional slip-ups where he accidentally loses controls and kills someone. Normally he lives on blood he gets from the blood bank at the hospital, where he’s a nurse.  No worries though, his “maker”, Bishop, happens to be a cop and is there  to help clean up any little messes his vampire family members create and dispose of the body and help sweep it under the rug.. Except when he doesn’t dispose of them, and instead turns them into vampires, and they show up unexpectedly and start killing people.  I really loved the relationship being Aiden and Rebecca, and I hate that they killed her off.  I was not at all sad to see Bishop and his weasel side-kick go, but now Aiden will have to clean up his own messes....

Monday, October 31, 2011

What's Hot on Google Plus

lowercase "g"

Image via Wikipedia


It seems that every week Google unleashes more and more really nifty features for Google Plus, and they did not disappoint this week. They actually introduced 3 cool new toys this week..What's Hot, Google Ripples, and a photo enhancement suite called Creative Kit for Photos.


What's Hot


Google Plus now has it's own version of Twitter's trending topics. What's Hot shows the hottest posts across the entire Google Plus network, not just in your circles. Whatever is being shared and talked about the most can be found under the What's Hot link on the left side of your screen, under Sparks, as well as underneath new posts inside the main stream.


Google Plus Ripples

It's always fun to check and see how posts travel and how things get shared.  With Google + Ripples you can check a post to see just who shared it and visually follow the conversation.  To see the post's ripples, just click the dropdown options in the upper right hand corner of any post (where you would usually mute or block a post, etc) and click on "View Ripples".  From there you can see how much it has been shared and by mousing over the individual circles in the diagram can see who it was who shared it. Each circle represents another share, and the arrows show a share's direction. A larger circle with circles inside indicates more resharing. It shows when someone shares a post and multiple people reshare that post from that person. There is also a draggable timeline slide bar at the bottom of the ripples diagram page to let you see the spread of the share by day.  The "View Ripples" choice only shows up once a post has been shared for the 1st time.  It even includes some metrics.  This could be a really useful tool for tracking what your followers are interested in and what gets the most engagement on G+.  There is also a scrollable list of shares on the right that updates as you zoom in and out of the Ripples, which makes it easy to find influential people....

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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Have You Tried PixelPipe?

I'm testing out posting via PixelPipe.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Netflix's New Split Personality..are They Crazy?

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Image representing Netflix as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

Netflix sent out an announcement today that first apologized for the way they handled the announcement of the price hikes that started this month, and then in the next breath majorly screwing the pooch again!� They announced the launch of Qwikster, their new DVD division.� Apparently, Netflix is tired of providing their customers with a streamlined service and website where they can select movies to either stream or order on DVD and manage both queues in the same place. Instead, they are now going to split their DVD and streaming services into two completely separate entities, with different names and different websites.� That means two accounts, two charges on your credit card, if you subscribe to both services, and too many things to manage.� For people who only stream or only get the DVDs, the change isn't a big deal. Since many people dropped one or the other option with the new price hikes, they will now still only have one account to worry about. For those who are still using both services, like me, it's going to be a big hassle.� ...

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Teen Wolf - The Tell

A few interesting things happened in this episode of Teen Wolf:

The Alpha broke into the video store and killed the clerk..why? we have no clue..maybe he wanted to rent something and it was out?  For whatever reason, he killed himNote: Cross posted from Flixzine.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wanna Be a Giant Squid..

Giant Squid Logo 2008

Image by BigGirlBlue via Flickr

This week Squidoo announced some big changes in their Giant Squid program. Up til now, a lensmaster had to have created 50 “quality lenses” to be eligible to apply to be a Giant Squid.

What’s a Giant Squid?

A Giant Squid is a sort of club for lensmasters who have created at least (now) 25 quality lenses. 

The Giant Squid title comes with some pretty desirable perks, including no daily lens limit, greenlighting of your lenses so you don’t get stopped by the spam filters, the ability to create lens templates and save them, and elimination of the “no more than 9 links per domain” limit. That last one will be HUGE for me.  I like pictures on my lenses.  If you’re not a Giant Squid and you have more than 9 pictures hosted at the same domain you can’t publish your lens. You have to split them up somehow and host them at different places.  What a HUGE pain in the butt that is!  It’s there for good reason, I suppose, but they should have some exceptions, like Photobucket and Flickr. Oh well, now all you need is 25 lenses to apply and that’s no longer an issue!  Awesome!  Each level of Gianthood above 25 gets a few extra little perks, like getting to be able to hand out Purple Stars at 250....

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Now Watching – Sleepless in Seattle



Unless you live under a rock..or you’re a guy with a severe aversion to chick flicks who has never had a girlfriend or wife to make you watch have seen Sleepless in Seattle. Probably more than once.  I have probably seen Sleepless in Seattle 200 times. I own the DVD, and I watch it often.  It’s one of the best chick flicks ever made. One of several movies that paired Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan (Joe Versus the Volcano, You’ve Got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle), and though I think I love You’ve Got Mail just a tad more, this one is a very, very close 2nd.  I was scrolling through my instant queue and saw it is expiring from streaming play on Netflix on 05/26, so I decided to watch it before it’s gone. Once it’s gone, it’s back to messing with the DVD when I want to watch it.  I HATE when that happens!   ...