Friday, October 31, 2003

All set for the kiddies

It's almost 3:00, the neighborhood kids will be getting off the bus soon. They'll rush home and scarf down their dinner, at least my mom always made us eat dinner first. They'll get into their costumes and, as soon as it's dark, out they'll come. Ghosts and witches and Harry Potter.. knocking on my door... trying to get my candy. It's mine, mine, mine I tell you!! I only pretended to buy it for Halloween, so I could load up on chocolate and Smarties and not be thought a hog. Now they're gonna expect me to actually hand it out. Maybe I'll just turn out the lights and pretend not to be home. I'll hide the car around the corner, and turn off the T.V. Yeah, thats it! hmm.. but then it will be dark and I'll have nothing to watch. I don't like the dark. I sleep with the lights on. Dammit! I guess I'd be better off giving it to them...If I have to. It's not that bad I suppose, cuz tomorrow all the goodies will be 1/2 off, and I'll be right there waiting. muwahahaha ::: doing the 1/2 price chocolate dance:::::

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