Sunday, October 26, 2003

Another Meme for your viewing pleasure

Five Questions

1. What's the most extreme thing you've done to either generate sympathy or get out of a debt?

None I can think of. God, I'm boring! LOL

2. If someone paid for your education, what do you think you owe them in return?I would think you should try to pay them back, or at least an attempt to pay them back. If the amount was so large, you couldn't afford to pay them back, or if the won't take the money, you would at least owe them the respect of doing the very best you possibly could, to make the most of the opportunity, and to show them you are appreciative. That, and undying gratitude. But, if they hold the fact they paid it over your head, constantly rubbing it in your face, reminding you, or making you feel you must kiss their ass for their generosity, it is entirely acceptable to tell them to bite your shiny white hiney.

3. What's your fitness regimen?

My what?? Have you seen the size of my ass?! My fitness regimen consists of waking up, crawling to the computer, checking my email, and other various webfun, and mostly remaining there, butt firmly glued to the chair, save for the occasional venture to the kitchen for drinks or to the toilet when necessary. I do every so often venture out of the house, mostly a walk across the street to retrieve my mail, and then I return right back to the aforementioned chair. Every so often I do harbor guilty thoughts of the unused exercise bike in the spare room. I then make a resolution to start using it, to get a routine going.. but then I go to sleep until the urge passes..

4. What is your most annoying habit that you know drives others nuts but are powerless to stop?
I would have to say singing. I sing all the time. I'm not even aware of it sometimes. It's not so much the fact that I sing, because my voice is fairly decent, but I tend to get songs stuck in my head.. or actually certain parts of songs.. and I sing that same song or part of a song over and over. That.. and I'm always right. Even when I'm wrong, I'm right, and I'll prove it to you, or die trying. LOL I get that lovely trait from my mom. Thanks, mommy!! .

5. What was your favorite vehicle (car, motorcycle, bike, skateboard, whatever)?I dont drive, or I don't have a license anyway, so I"ve never owned one of my very own, but I used to love my exboyfriend's Mustang.

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