Sunday, October 26, 2003

I never

This post was inspired by the drinking game," I Never". The object of the game is questions are asked, like "Have you ever had sex with more than one person in the same day?", and if that statement is not true about you, and you have done that, you have to drink. If you never have done that, you don't drink. So, I've decided to put up my own version, just because I'm bored. Admittedly, the game version is better, because in this version I can only put up the answers to questions that would keep me sober, because they are things that I have never done. Now, I could make another section, entitled "I, actually, have" ...AKA "Things that would make me drunk off my ass", but why give up my dirty little secrets if I don't have to. If anyone wants to ask a question, put it in the comments and see if you can get me drunk. LOL. Or, if ya like, leave your own list of 20 "I nevers",. or the link to yours, in the comments. ... So, here goes:

I've never...

.....Given blood or had blood drawn for any purpose medical or otherwise.
.....Climbed a tree
.....Been bungee jumping
.....Tasted a kumquot
......Been dumped.. (well maybe once technically, but it was more of a mutual, gradual parting of the ways by lack of interest. Almost a breakup by default. We just stopped calling each other bit by bit, and then finally altogether, but I was the last to call and he never returned the last maybe it could be classified as him dumping me. I prefer to call it a mutual parting )
.....Been to a foreign country
.....Been to college
.....Seen the movie Casablanca
.....Been, or wanted to be, pregnant.
.....Broken a bone
.....Baited my own hook
.....Been in a helicopter
.....Ridden in an ambulance
.....Been on television
.....Cheated on a test
.....Had sex with a coworker
......Left a restaurant without paying the check.
......Cheated on a boyfriend
......Been married or "officially" engaged

Ok, that's enough meme's for today. I'm going to get some work done.

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