Tuesday, October 28, 2003

My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog

Because I do have somewhat of a normal ego, and my need for feedback and gratification is as big as anyone's, I've just begun listing my blog with different blog databases, looking for rings to join, etc, trying to maybe get some more people to come visit me here in my little corner of the blogosphere. I want people to like me. I want to be accepted, and be on lots of people's "daily read" lists, because..well..I'm just the sort of girly who occasionally craves validation and attention. I've looked at the "popular kids" to see what it is about them that draws a crowd, and I've enjoyed vising them, and I can see why other people do too. Then I read my stuff, to see how I stack up, and aside from the fact that I write about stuff that may be a little strange, like advocating public nudity, most of what I write seems ok. Some things may seem a little odd, but that's because ..well.. I'm a little odd. I try to be interesting and add a bit of humor, and I try to write about stuff that other people might enjoy reading, but still my hit counter creeps up little by little, slowly, and I'm not getting the linky love I think I deserve. Then I started thinking that maybe I needed better content. Maybe I should refine my style, and research stuff, and try to find content that will be interesting to a broader audience. Maybe I should find more provocative stuff to write about, go off on tangents and rants about current events or politics, abortion, religious freedom, or human rights. Or sex!! I could write about sex...errr.. maybe not. I can see it now, my hits would grow by leaps and bounds, I'd be popular and loved by those far and wide for my sparkling wit and brilliance. The thing is, when I really thought about it, that just sounded like a lot of work for something that is s'posed to be a fun and entertaining way for me to spend my time. I'd have to research stuff, I'd have to put my opinions out there and stand by, and even defend, my ideas from the trolls who would come and want to leave their opinions on my opionions. I'd have to work at it, and I don't wanna have to work at it. I just want to throw whatever thoughts are swirling through my brain out here, to give me a place to think and get my frustrations out, and share the good stuff with whoever happens to stop by. Sigh.. I guess I'll just stop worrying about being popular, and just be me. I'll have to be content to be the geek in the back row, in pigtails and hand-me-down high waters, and be happy for anyone who does happen to come see what I've got to say. I may not be one of the "popular kids", but I'll be okay. Psssst.. if ya come sit next to me, I'll do your homework for ya.

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