Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Oh yeah! I forgot...

I got my camera today, finally! I haven't had much time to play with it, because I've been working and doing the other thing that rainy days make me want to do.. clean.. but I did manage to take some pictures here and there. I haven't really taken any that are worth sharing yet, cuz the dogs aren't cooperating. They've gone camera shy on me, and run when they see me with it. Dang party poopers! But I'll get them, and eventually take something worth putting up. I knew it was gonna be here today, because I checked the UPS tracking number, and when it came I was sleeping, as I am a lot mid afternoon, because I work usually all night. As soon as the dogs started barking, I woke up. Before my eyes were even fully open, I remembered they were coming, and just half jumped outta bed, grabbed my clothes and started yelling " I'm coming! Hold on!" I got there in time to catch her, thank God, cuz I woulda had to wait until tomorrow, and I've been waiting for the dang thing long enough. It's not as nice as my Olympus, but it has one advantage over the Olympus, it actually works..and it was a lot cheaper than paying to fix the Olympus. So, now I have a new toy to play, and I love new toys!

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