Sunday, October 26, 2003

Pardon my undies...

Are clothes entirely necessary? I'm not a nudist, and I've seen me nekkid.. it's pretty scary.. and others too.. sometimes even scarier.. so I'm not saying we should all throw our clothes off and walk stark naked unabashedly through the streets. But, I just think it would be nice if a certain degree of nudity would be more socially acceptable in public. Maybe just within a certain amount of distance from your residence, it would be appropriate to walk around in your underwear. I don't want to see people wandering the aisles of the Winn Dixie in their undies or their bathrobe, but it would be nice if, say within the confines of your street, it would be perfectly fine to go to the end of your driveway dressed any way you damn well please, to maybe get your paper, or to check your mail, etc. If everyone were allowed to do it, noone would bat an eye. I spend 90% of my time in my house nekkid or near nekkid.. usually in a Tshirt and undies or a bathrobe..sometimes starkers.. I have no kids and very little company usually, and J likes me nekkid.. so I can get away with this. When i need to go get my paper outta the driveway, or go check my mail, which is across the street in neighborhood mailbox thing..grrrrrrrr...or when I need to go chase the dogs or get something from the car.. I gotta stop and put on clothes, for the 2 seconds it takes to run out and grab whatever it is, then come in and take them back off again. Why? Consideration for my neighbors? Yes, possibly. Mostly its cuz I don't want to be arrested for indecent exposure, or have the authorities carting me away to test me for competency. "Dang dizzy bitch.. keeps forgetting her clothes before she goes out! She must be insane. Early alzheimer's I betcha!" Now, If I'm on a beach, in a bathing suit, which covers less, or at least as much as, a tshirt and my undies.. Its fine.. but in my driveway in my undies, there's something wrong. I guess I got spoiled living in the house I lived in before this..well actually the one previous to that.. I was in the last house of a dead-end street with no neighbors who could see what I was doing in my yard, and I would, since my washer and dryer were in the garage, traipse happily to the garage in my undies whenever I felt like it. I would go to the driveway and get the paper, or go grab something from the car the same way. It was great. Of course, I lived on the edge of a biiiiig empty field, with railroad tracks about an acre or so distance from my house, and I found out, at one point, that someone had thrown an old couch out in the woods at the edge of the field, and there were some bums that were sleeping on it. I may not have been as alone as I thought.. but I really don't care. I didn't know they were there, so ignorance, in this case, definitely was bliss. I guess it's not so bad, I could have to endure much worse things, but if I ever get to be in charge, we'll see what happens then!

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