Thursday, October 30, 2003

The Rant that Blogger ate..

Last night I tried to do this big ol' post about J and how po'd I was at him because he was being all pissy and bitchy, and Blogger ate it. It was a pretty big rant too.. I was really pissed. I hate when that happens! Anyway, I'm better now. His problem is that he's working all day now and going to school at night, and he's tired and doesn't have a lot of time to relax. He has homework to do and stuff, too. Now, he is of the misguided opinion that I should all of a sudden be doing his laundry, making sure he has tea to drink, or cold Cokes in the fridge, and I have the obligation to not only cook for him..pfffffffft.. but that it should be done by the time he gets home from school at night, so he can eat as soon as he gets home. Apparently, he gets hungry during the day. I don't see this as my problem. When I took his behind back, the understanding was that I don't "have to" do anything. My general life philosophy is I don't have to do anything but live and die, the rest is totally optional. I'm not responsible to feed him, unless I happen to be cooking anyway, and I don't wanna hear him whine. He has completely forgotten these little facts.. conveniently. I reminded him last night.. loudly. I'm not mean or a bitch, I realize he's hungry, and he's tired, and busy, but we have issues, which are his fault, and I can't bring myself to feel sorry for him. Yes, I know he's my boyfriend, and we're together, and I do love him, and all that crap, and the cooking and general housewifey stuff is, theoretically, s'posed to me my responsibility,! Anyway.. whatever.. he'll get over it. I did cook for him BTW, I didn't let him starve, but I just didn't do it within his preferred time frame. Did I mention also that I work my actual job.. and that means I stop working when he gets home at 10:30 to go in and cook for him. This fact doesn't register with him either. grrrrr. The thing that mostly irritates me about the whole thing, is that he acts as if he were the only person ever in the world to have to work and go to school simultaneosly. Its hard..apparently. Who knew!? I told him that I went to school all day and worked 5 hours a night, and still had to cook, clean, and do all that other stuff for myself, and I survived. I also told him he should be happy he's not a woman with kids trying to do it, and that he has me to do some stuff for him, which is more than I had. So, tonight I'm gonna try to cook something for him.. a little earlier than usual.. just to be nice. But, if he thinks I'm gonna make a habit out of it, he's delusional.

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