Friday, October 31, 2003

We had a total of about 12 trick or treaters, I still have half a bucket of candy left...yahooo.. though J has confiscated it, so it may be all gone. I just may have to go hit the 1/2 price bins after all. Stock up for later. Day after Easter, day after Halloween, and the day after Christmas are awesome days, cuz that's when all the candy is cheap. Not that my fat ass needs any more candy, but that's beside the point. I guess 12 isn't that bad of a turnout, considering that lots of people don't take their kids out anymore, and our street is not really well lit. Plus most of the houses had their lights off.. buncha party poopers. People are no dang fun. When I was growing up, everyone dressed up and everyone in the neighborhood took their kids out. We'd have half a pillow case full of junk and be eating candy for quite a while past Halloween. I was usually a ghost or a gypsy, one year I was Raggedy Ann, and one year I was a rabbit. One year I was a christmas present, and my sister was a TV dinner. My brothers would be cowboys, ghosts, wizards, bums, cross dressers, pirates or football players, and we'd all go out and walk until we got too tired to go anymore, and then we'd go home and pig out. Mom would check our bags first, and throw out the unwrapped stuff, popcorn balls, and apples, and she'd take her cut. Then we'd trade off with each other the stuff we didn't like, throw out the cheesy crap noone wanted, and after that we'd eat til we were sick. Big fun! Face it, Halloween is just a pale shadow of what it once was for most people. Thank you to all those sickos and weirdos out there who made it unsafe and too scary for people to take their kids out trick or treating.

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