Sunday, October 26, 2003

Yo mama is a garden tool!

Speaking of mama's I went to visit mine today. Had to bring her some cash I owed her, 150 of my hard-earned samolians gone gone gone! Oh well, I probably woulda spent it on pizza and beer anyway. It wasn't all bad, cuz I scored some new clothes. She buys stuff and then doesn't wear it, and I get it.. yippee! J borrowed some DVDs to watch, but when he got home his DVD player was screwy so now he's po'd cuz he couldnt' watch em..Poor baby. Now he'll be wanting to buy a new DVD player.. pffffft We did the grocery shopping thing today too. Didn't want to.. I HAD to. I had no food. No milk, no bread, no snacks.. no veggies.. all I had was stuff I couldn't eat unless I :::shudder::: cooked. And anyone who knows anything about me, knows that's something I avoid like the plague.

I scored some fudge frosted brownies and some Oreos on our venture..and some Skinny Cow ice cream saucers..mmmm.. oh yeah, I bought some meat and veggies and stuff too, but who cares about that stuff. They had Buy One Get One Free Cap'N Crunch with crunch berries, so I got some of those. I have issues with The Crunch, though. I love The Crunch, but they are very abrasive and tend to rip up the roof of your mouth. I know this, and I bought them anyway.. cuz sometimes you have to suffer for your pleasures.

After we came home and put the booty away, we decided to go get something to eat, and ended up at Sonny's ..AUCE BBQ ribs, onion rings, garlic bread, and sweet tea.. man that was some good stuff. We havent been there in ages. Dining out lately has usually ended up being Taco Hell or something quick, but I was in the mood for the BBQ today, so that's where we went.

Our evening ended at WallyWorld, cuz J needed oil for the car, and I decided to get some Halloween candy, since I probably won't have time to go get any before Friday, and by then all the good stuff will be gone. I got miniature Snickers and 3 Musketeers, and the huge-ass bag of stuff called Kiddie Mix, its got lollys, Now and Later, Smarties, jaw breakers, SweetTarts and Dubble Bubble..2 1/2 pounds of it...hog heaven! 11.00 worth of candy! It's gotta stay here in my house for a whole week, untouched, waiting for the kiddies to come beggin. And I know it's gonna sit here next to me..calling me.. mocking me. You know you want us. It's futile to resist. Eat me! Eat me!.. but NO! I . awww screw them, let them get their own dang candy!

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