Tuesday, November 11, 2003

24 hours and counting...

I've now been awake for the better part of 24 hours, with maybe 4 hours of scattered naps here and there. Yesterday was a long-ass day, and not all of it was lots of fun. I first had an argument on the phone with an ignorant bitch from a collection agency, for a bill I had planned and made arrangements to pay already no less, the twat-headed bitch pissed me off, and got the day off to a grand start. Then my dad kept me up, because he came over and had to look through J's stuff for something to fix his computer with, since J has been too busy to help him and he couldn't get online. So I was still up at 1:00 yesterday afternoon. I then slept for maybe 2 hours before mom called. I don't know what she wanted, cuz I talked to her in my sleep, but then ended up just getting up, so I could get some work done before J got home. I knew we'd be out running around last night, and didn't want to get behind. Good thing too, cuz we left about 7:30 and didn't get back home til close to 1:00 a.m.

We went to dinner, after 2 hours of sitting at mom's so J could help dad get his puter working, but we ended up at Denny's instead of Golden Corral or China Buffet, where I wanted to go. The streets roll up at 9:30 in Jacksonville, which sucks. This is supposed to be a big city, you'd think something good would be open at least til 11:00. I don't mind Denny's, they're not bad, but I'm usually drunk when I go there. After that, we went to Wally World, cuz I needed some dog food and stuff, and I wanted to look at TVs. I want a TV for my living room, there isn't one in there now, and I've been wanting to get one, so I can sit in there once in a while, instead of always having to sit in my room to watch. They didn't have one I liked, well not one less than 700.00 anyway, so that was a bust. I just got a bunch of crap I didn't really need instead, like some slippers for me, and shoes for J, and doggie treats, a new stove top griddle/grill, some dishes, dog shampoo, cat food, a new litter box for the kitties. We needed one of those, cuz the one I had was kinda small, and Junior's ass hangs over the edge of it...poor kitty...150.00 later I went home, and I never did get to go look at beds. Of course, then I didn't have time to sleep at all, I had to go right to work, and here I am, still awake, and my sleep forecast isn't looking any better for today.. grrrrrrrr. I pity anyone who irritates me today! LOL

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