Tuesday, November 11, 2003

All Better Now

Now that I've had a nap and some good food, I'm feeling much better. Went to mom's today for an early Thanksgiving dinner. My baby brother Drew is home for a week from work, he just got a job driving OTR, and he was gone for about a month for training, and will leave again the beginning of next week sometime. Since he won't be here for Thanksgiving, mom decided to make a turkey dinner, and she invited me over to eat. Yeah,.. free food!! She just made turkey and gravy, mashed taters, turnip, and stuff.. and apple pie...mmmmmm. Now, for the real Thanksgiving, we go to my sis's. She does the turkey and most of the meal, and we each bring a few things to add, and there's enough food for an army. She makes green bean casserole and sweet potato casserole, with marshmallows on it, its really good. I know some people don't like green beans or green bean casserole, or maybe aren't into sweet potatos with marshmallows on em, but I think they're yummy, and I only get them on Thanksgiving. It's weird cuz I saw this ad a few weeks back for the fried onion thingies that go on the green bean casserole, with the recipe for it, and I thought I'd like to make some, but then I stopped myself, because the GBC is a holiday thing. Really, it would taste just as good at any time of the year, just like the sweet potato thing, or even egg nog. Egg nog is a holiday thing, and it just doesn't seem right to drink it any other time of the year, even though I imagine it would still taste the same, with or without the rum, if you drank it in, say, April. I guess I just like the anticipation of having something to look forward to, that is just a holiday thing. Everyone's got their traditions.

It's kinda like watching the Christmas videos on TV used to be, before they made them available on VHS. Every year around Christmas, they'd start playing the specials, and you couldn't wait to see "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" with the Burger Meister Meisterburger, or "Year Without A Santa Clause", so we could get in our jammies, gather round the T.V. and sing "I'm Mr White Christmas, I'm Mr. Snow" or "I'm Mr. Heat Blister, I'm Mr. 101". Now, they're available on VHS, and you can watch them any time your heart desires, and I own them, of course, but I only want to watch them right around Christmas time. Even then, since they're on my shelf, and I know I can watch them whenever I like, they're still good and fun to watch, but some of the magic is gone for me. Although, watching them without commercials, and being able to watch them without having to worry that you will miss them on the night they play them, is kinda much better, but it's just less special, dammit! I also only make spritz cookies, popcorn balls, and fudge around Christmas, you can't eat a spritz cookie in August! Though fudge is a year round treat, I just can't make it myself til Christmas. Anyone else who doesn't feel this restriction, can feel free to send me some any time of the year.

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