Monday, November 17, 2003

...and how was your Saturday?

I realized I never posted about my Saturday. Not that that's particularly tragic, I'm sure you would never have missed it, if I didn't write about it, but I did so much, I just figured I'd fill ya in.

Saturday was the day from hell.. but in a good way. Aside from the constant bickering between me and J, all day long bitch, bitch bitch, I had such a headache, but it was a damn productive day. We left the house at 11:00 am, paid some bills, went to a few stores looking at beds, went and got my brother and his truck to go to Big Lots and tote home my new mattress, got the mattress in the house, cleaned my kitchen, went to lunch, went to Wally World, went to the bank, went to some thrift stores, went to dinner, went and rented some videos at Hollywood Video, and finally.. yes, FINALLY, managed to make it to the grocery store, where I somehow managed to spend 200+ dollars.. I don't have any idea how we spent that much, except I stocked up on Hot Pockets for J for his lunches, got a bunch of canned stuff they were having a good sale on, and I bought some cleaning stuff.. Swiffer duster things and laundry soap, etc, and got turkey and the fixin's, so I can make us a dinner for here at the house. I like having my own turkey, so I can have leftovers and turkey sandwiches and stuff. I did buy a bunch of meat too, but it was all on sale. I don't know, but we won't starve, I can guarantee ya that! I then went home and lugged in and unpacked the groceries, and still managed to work last night. I think it was 7:30 before we finally got in the door.

Of course, it was the last day of the pay period, and of course I was behind, as always, but I managed to do 1600 lines in 6 hours. I was smokin'! I know, you have no idea how much that is, but a line is 65 characters, not including spaces. That's 104,000 characters. I don't know what that breaks down into in words, but its a lot! I was so tired and so sore by the end of the day, my back was in a death grip knot, and I hadn't slept much Friday night, I thought I was gonna die, but I got everything done I wanted to get done, and then some. Plus.. I got my new bed Yeah for me!

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