Thursday, November 20, 2003

Bachelor Bob Chooses a Bri.. Girlfriend

I had a feeling he was going to choose Estella, and he did. I like Estella. I'm glad he chose her. Yeah, Kelly Jo was sweet and spunky and cute, and she seemed like a nice girl, as far as I could tell in in what I saw of her on the show. The thing that kinda bugged me about her was the fact she was kinda..well. trampy at times. Not that that's a bad thing. Her choice of dress for the final show was that red number with those big, sorta gawdy hoop earrings, and Estella was just more elegant in simple black and nice earrings. I think Estella is classy and sweet, and she seemed more mature and understanding. I could see they had a connection. I had a feeling it would be her when she was talking to him at his house about what she wanted, and she was more of the attitude that she just wanted him to choose her, so they could have a chance to be together and see what came next. She wasn't telling him she expected marriage right away, and she could tell he wasn't ready for a proposal right away. She took the pressure off him, I guess, and told him it was okay to be unsure. I knew as soon as KJ stepped out of the limo first, she was a goner. They always send the loser in first.

On AOL they have this "The Morning After" feature, where they play a clip of what the dumped one had to say after the show, and show bits and pieces of stuff that went on, and they have a message board. I was reading some of the BB message boards this morning, and it's so funny to see people going off, saying he was on crack, he made the wrong choice, talking about Estella's squeeky voice, and how wonderful KJ is. She's right for him, and he made a mistake. Some people were saying he chose Estella because his mom liked her better, and he's a mama's boy who needs to grow up. How the hell do people presume to know that! It cracked me up. How can you look at people's lives, on any kinda love/relationship reality show, and think by the one hour glimpse into edited clips of people's lives and actions, that you can know who would be best for that person to possibly spend the rest of their lives with? And get mad about it cuz they "chose the wrong one". LOL I know you pick your fav'rits of who you want to win and cheer them on, but to go off about it when they don't get picked, and verbally attack the poor guy in a bulletin board because you don't like their choice, is just too funny.

Poor Bob's mom was getting a lot of crap because she liked Estella better, and people were saying that you can't let yer parents choose your mate for you.. blah blah blah. Actually though, although some people's parents are not right in the head, and shouldn't be allowed to choose their own partners.. or play with sharp my case, I don't think I'd do bad if my parents picked my man, really. They couldn't do any worse at it than I do! My mom picked my dad, and my dad is awesome. He's a very loving, funny, nice guy. He worked hard all his life and supported his family. They have been married for like 45 years and are still in love, and I don't think my dad ever thought of being unfaithful. I mean, I know he's a normal man, and my mom isn't always a day in Disney Land to live with, but I just think he really loves her, and it never really occurred to him. They both know me really well, and are decent judges of character. My mom and I are very similar people. Not that I'd volunteer to have them arrange a marriage for me or anything.. don't be silly.. but if they introduced me to someone they thought I'd be good with, I'd give it a chance, and if they really didn't like someone I was dating, I might reconsider dating that person. My sister OTOH they could never pick a guy for. They have totally opposite tastes. My sister likes losers and assholes more than I do, and my mom usually can't stand the men she picks. Come to think of it, this is a whole other post topic, and I may revisit it later, but right now I gotta go do some stuff. The doggies are doin the peepee dance.

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