Monday, November 17, 2003


Checking out some new blogs this morning, taking a break from work before I go lay down and die. Found a few good ones, so far. I was thinking while I was checking out the newbies that it's funny how I, and probably most people, have a sorta routine about the way they check out new blogs to read. I know when I first go to a site, I read the first/latest post or two, if those are interesting enough to hold my attention, I look for a 100 things list, about me page, or something of that nature, so I can compare the writer to me and get the general picture of who they are. I then look for pictures, because I like to know who it is I'm reading about, but pictures aren't essential. Some people don't have any online, or just want to be faceless/anonymous, or whatever, but pictures make it nicer. Sometimes I'll go back to a few random posts here and there in the archives, just to see what I missed, and usually read the first couple pages of posts, if I have time to do all of this surfin' around. I like when they have a Best of list or the owner's fav'rits list, the posts the writer chooses to highlight are usually a good indication of what they think is important, or at the very least, it lets you see what they think were some of their best efforts. That's pretty much the routine I follow, and then I comment here and there if I feel moved to, even if its just to say I was there. Anyone else have a routine?

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