Monday, November 10, 2003


It's freakin' cold out there! Dang, I thought this was Florida. Being from Massachusetts, I actually do like that the weather does change here, and its not just always hot, but I went outside without my shoes and dang near froze my feet off on that cold-ass pavement. Plus our yard is covered in these tiny little burr things that really, really hurt and are a bitch to get off your clothes, or outta your foot. Those suckers hurt like a bitch! I have to keep picking them off the dogs feet when they go out too. Had to chase Elmo while I was out there, he's become fascinated with the door and determined to get outside, and he got past me somehow and ran like hell. I don't want him to be an outside kitty. Especially since his mom and brothers are still living under the house next door, and I'm kinda afraid if he gets with them, I'll have a bitch of a time trying to get him back. Maybe I underestimate his love for a warm house, plenty of food, and a keyboard to sleep on, but I don't wanna take my chances. Especially not til I can get a collar for him, so if he does get over there I can tell which kitty is mine. Oh yeah.. he'll be the one not spitting and hissing and trying to scratch my eyes out. Those little critters are mean. I should call the Humane Society and have them take them, because they're pretty much feral, but then I don't want the lady next door to get pissed at me. I don't know why she doesn't try to catch them herself and bring them, so they'll have a chance of finding a good home.

The wind is blowing so hard, I'm glad I don't have to go out anymore tonight. It's making the tree branches smack against the roof of the house, and they have these little acorn things on them that go plunk and then roll off the roof, so it sounds kinda like a constant swoosh.. plunk. plunk, plunk..rumble, rumble, rumble. Almost sounds like someone is on the roof walking around. Then there's the added bonus of, when you walk outside, if you go at just the right moment, you get pegged with the acorns as the fall off the roof. It's fun! I think I'll just stay right up in my house where I'm safe from pelting and prickers, and my feet are nice and toasty warm. Maybe I'll go out again sometime in the spring.

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