Sunday, November 23, 2003


Michael Jackson.. once again. Ok, I found
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  • today through Gennie at
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  • blog, and this is the first time I have read this. I wasn't aware it was available to read online. Having seen this, I now kinda have to wonder if maybe the freak did, in fact, do it. Assuming that the accusations were true in the first case, then they very well could be, and probably are, true again. I sure hope not, cuz if it is I feel so sickened and sad for that little boy he molested. If he did it, and he gets away with it this time, I don't wanna know what kind of uproar there will be from people in this country. I think he can pretty much kiss his career goodbye, if he can't prove without a doubt he's innocent. I still can't imagine that it was just two boys out of the thousands he did this to. Did he pay off the rest of them? Is it only the two? Did he manage not to touch any other boys inappropriately all these years, after going through everything that went on with the first one, and just couldn't stop himself any longer? If he's a pedophile, I highly doubt he would be able to do that, unless he just contented himself with kiddie porn or something. Maybe it was just something about these two boys that made him think he could get away with it, or maybe he fell "in love/lust" with just these two, and truly doesn't see how sick, perverted, wrong, and nasty it is. The whole issue just makes me cringe and shudder in disgust. I don't even want to think about it anymore. There definitely needs to be some deep probing investigations into everything that goes on in Never Never Land...and some serious de-balling if the accusations are true. You read things like the Smoking Gun papers, and then you read things like
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  • , and you don't know what to think. It's all just plain freaky, that's all I know.

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