Saturday, November 15, 2003

Gee But I Wanna Go Home...

I tried to call Lisa (my best friend) tonight, but she wasn't answering her phone. She must have gone to bed early, or she's out with her friend MJ. I dunno. I really miss Lisa, I wish I could go home, but I know I won't be able to afford to go for a while. Probably not at least until March or April. I won't go in the winter anyway, cuz it's pretty much cold and tends to snow up there in the winter, but I told Steph I'd try to make it for her Sweet 16 on April 6th. I'm aiming for then, but I'd like to go for a long weekend before that if I can. I havent been home for almost 2 years, and it seems closer to 5 sometimes. Then again, when I get on the phone and start gabbing with Lisa, it sometimes feels like last week. Hard to believe we're still best friends after 31 years..YIKES.. has it been that long?? Shit! that's a long time! Now I feel old.

I love calling Lisa, cuz I not only get to chat with her and find out what's up with her life, and what's going on with "the family", and bitch about the our men, but I get to hear about the girls, and Sean, and what they're up to. It's kinda weird that I was the one who always loved kids and babysat all the time, and I never had any kids, and she always said she wasn't having any, but got pregnant at 21 and then had 5 more. She has 5 girls and 1 boy, ages 9 to 15. She had 2 sets of twins just one year apart. Courtney and Cassandra were born on May 11, and May 2nd the next year she had Holly and Brittney. I laugh when she tells me stuff they do, and she's all pissed off, but its never anything compared to the crap we used to do. Her kids are pretty good kids.. so far. Although, they're still young. I say to her, "Remember when we were dancing down the middle of Main St. singing Fame at midnight, when we were 14" or "Remember when we took all the discarded Christmas trees off peoples curbs, and lined them up all down the middle of Fairview Ave at 2:00 in the morning?. Then we hid on the porch to watch people have to get outta their cars and move them outta the way", or remember the keg parties we'd have when her mom went away. We'd take the dining room table apart, set up the band (her brother was in a band) in the dining room, and have from 40 to 100 people partying their asses off, and we were maybe 15. Her brother, Nick, was 19 and had older friends, so it was really him throwing the parties, but we were there, along with our friends. She was married by the time she was the BIGGEST scum sucking, asshole on the planet (can ya feel how much I loved him?), and divorced by 19. She tends to forget the stupid stuff we did. I really don't think she has to worry about her kids doing half the stuff we did, or lets hope not anyway. Come to think of it, nobody I know has kids that act the way we did.

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