Friday, November 21, 2003

Greatest Ad Ideas Ever Part I

I'm watching T.V. this morning, as I usually am pretty much 24/7 when my eyes are open, and this commercial comes on for the new Listerine Citrus flavor. Not being a fan of the taste of Listerine myself, but being a big fan of fresh breath, I use the pocket packs or another type of generic brand mouthwash, when I feel the need for some minty mouth freshness. The ad shows a woman bringing in her groceries, and she takes the bottle of Listerine from the bag and her family runs and hides. The sight of the bottle is so scary, they must scatter in fear, until she announces that it's okay, it's the new citrus flavor Listerine. Now.. not being an advertising exec myself, and not having taken marketing or anything, maybe I'm wrong, but is it the brightest idea in the world, when you're trying to sell a new version of an old product, to pretty much say the original version tastes so bad, and is so hideous, that it makes people run away to avoid it. Presumably, they will still be offering the original Listerine versions. What is this kinda ad supposed to say to the poor shlubs who have been, up to this point, suffering through with the original stuff, which they, apparently, are now willing to admit tastes like ass. Maybe the average consumer isn't as sharp as I am, but I'm willing to bet that there are quite a few people out there who will pick up on this. It aint just me.

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