Friday, November 14, 2003

Happy Friday.. my ass is froze

I can't believe its Friday already, this week went by real fast, and I got nothing accomplished. I hate when that happens. My house is a wreck. It's really, really bad! Although, I did manage to do my two days worth of dishes that were piled in my sink last night. I haven't gone shopping yet, which means I'll probably have to go today..pffffffft I'm also behind in my work, and the way I'm going it doesn't look like I'm gonna get it all done, so I'll be short in my lines once again. Dang it! It's cold as hell here.. record cold temperatures this morning.. and I'm freezing under a blanket cuz I'm too lazy to go turn the heat on. I hate putting the heat on anyway, cuz it makes the house all stuffy and it just bugs me. I used to love it when I was a kid when it was cold enough to turn the heat on, but now its irritating. Could be because J likes to put the heat on 105, and its too hot. In our house growing up, we had gas heat, and old pipes with radiators. When the heat came on, you could hear it hiss, then the pipes would clank every so often. They didn't really keep the heat on high though, so it never really got completely hot in there. When I was really little, I would crawl up in my daddy's chair with him, with my blanket in tow, and sit and snuggle with him while he watched the news or whatever game was on. When I got too big to do that, I'd sometimes make a cup of hot tea or cocoa loaded with marshmallow fluff, and then I'd curl up on the couch under a blanket and watch TV or read a book. I don't ever get to do that anymore, cuz I've always got something I've got to be doing. Sucks to be a grownup sometimes. Guess I may have to give in and turn the heat on.

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