Monday, November 17, 2003


On Everwood tonight, Treat Williams singing Anne Murray songs.."Summer thunder on moonbright days, northern lights in skies ablaze, and I'll sing for you, lover what I'll bring to you..." a slice of heaven. Treat Williams doing just about anything is pretty much a slice of heaven, in my opinion, but crooning love songs he made my lower regions get all squishy. I forgot he sings, actually, but then when I thought about it, he was singing when I first saw him, in the movie "Hair". Standing on the dining room table singing "I've Got Life..mother.. I've got life..sister.. I've got freeeedom brother..I've got good times man" Long-haired and all sexy, gyrating and dancing up and down the table..he's hunkalicious. I saw that movie a million times, and memorized all the songs, and had the biggest crush on Berger AKA Treat Williams. My mom owns the movie, cuz she thinks he's hot too, but I havent bought it yet. I definitely think I'm gonna have to get though, so I can watch him..and so I can sing "Manchester England, England, across the Atlantic Sea, and I'm a genious, genious, I believe in Goooood, and I believe that Gooood, believes in Claude thats me..."

Another thing I noticed while watching that show tonight ..and I know this is bad.. but Ephraim - yeah, I know he's about 16 - has some sexy lips for a little boy. He's gonna be pretty hunkalicious himself when he gets all growed up. I'm all about sexy lips and nice smiles on men..and, apparently, young boys. Is that a bad thing? I also melt for pretty eyes.. a nice ass.. forearms, thighs, hands ...

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