Monday, November 24, 2003

Just got the call from my sister, with my official Thanksgiving invite. Not that I needed an invite. She cooks every year, and every year we go there for dinner, so what else did I expect to be doing on Thanksgiving? I guess she was kinda debating if she was going to do it this year, cuz she's been real busy, but I knew she'd end up doing it. I'm all geared up and read for my goodies! Mom's makin' chocolate cream pies, I'm making (buying..shhhhhh) apple pies, and I'll probably do up a veggie platter and some other kind of gastronomical wonder..and hope nobody dies. Did I mention I don't cook:?? Mmmmm Turkey and stuffing.. mashed taters, sweet potato casserole ... and pie! It's always a good day when it involves pie. It's kind of a bummer cuz Drew won't be here, and Rick and Dawna (bro and sis-in-law) aren't coming up, but we'll eat til we burst and watch the parades.. dad, Dutch, and Diane will watch the football games, J will whine he's bored and wants to go home.. and i'll hang out with the kids and my mom.. typical turkey day. Yippee!! It's a far cry from the huge number of people we used to have, with 8 just in my immediate family, before everyone started spawning, and the aunts and uncles and cousins used to come to our house every year , too, but what can ya do. Last year, everyone was here for Thanksgiving, and this year hardly anyone. Rick's 40th birthday was on the 22nd last year, so my brothers and the spousal units and their spawn, came down from Massachusetts and up from Orlando, and Rick's friend Stan was here, and we had a big crowd. Guess that's what happens. We'll have to make due with what we got. Kinda sucks.. but then again.. that's more turkey for me!

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