Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Just Some Stuff

Good morning all. I haven't had much time to sit down and write much of any substance lately. I've just been trying to work and get some stuff done, but I don't seem to have actually accomplished much either, so I don't know where the heck my time goes. Hard to believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving already, where did the year go? Once Thanksgiving hits, the rest of the year always seems to fly by in a blur, and before ya know it, you're singing Jingle Bells, and trying to decide to go out or stay in and spend the night watchin Dick Clark for New Years. It seems like just a month or two ago I was living with Princess Fatass and Cheryl, and still had custody of Eric, but it's been 11 months since I moved out of there and got back together with J. This will be the first Thanksgiving in 16 or 17 years I won't see, or at least talk on the phone, to Princess Fatass. It's kinda sad. I think about her and wonder if she's alright, even after the way she treated me, it's hard to let go of a friendship that lasted the better part of 17 years. Actually, I've known PF since I was around 6, she's been a part of my whole life til now, and it's hard to think I will probably never be able to fix that friendship. I haven't written about her and the details of the demise of our friendship, because I haven't had this blog for that long, so I know nobody knows what the hell I'm rambling about, but maybe someday I will spew the whole, long, fascinating story. It's all about friendship, and money, and stuff, and too long a story to get into now. I feel bad for her, because I know she'll probably end up spending the day, or a good part of it, alone. Cheryl always manages to take off on holidays and leave her hanging, so she can go out and party with her friends, and smoke crack. That's a really nice feeling, to know that your partner is almost guaranteed to abandon you on every holiday, and go off, sometimes for days, getting high. It didn't used to be too bad, because she had me, and she could come to Di's for dinner if she chose, but this year she's on her own. Her family doesn't want anything to do with her, for the most part. It'll just be her sitting around eating her turkey, if she even makes one, surrounded by her cats, if she even still has them. Oh well, she's no longer my problem, and I know I'll have a good holiday.
I just can't imagine having no family who gives a rat's ass about you, and having no friends to speak of in the world except for your crack addict girlfriend, who steals from you, lies to you constantly, and is guaranteed to leave you alone and disappointed on every holiday, and every time you really need her. All of this because you chose to use and lie to your family at every turn, and are such a nasty-tempered, judgemental biotch that nobody wants to maintain any kind of lasting friendship with you. Okay, enough about her.

I think I'm going Christmas shopping early, early on Friday. I never usually go and try to hit those early sales, because the stores are so packed I usually don't want to deal with them, but I think I'm gonna this year, because I got a bunch of cash and I don't have too many people to buy for, so I'll go get it over with while stuff is cheap. I only have to buy for J, the parental units, Diane, and 4 kids, and something little for Sugar and Deb. I may get something small for Drew, Rick, and Dawna, but I haven't decided yet. Wow, my list used to have about 25 people on it every year. I like this one a lot better. I love buying Christmas presents, though, so it's kinda a bummer that there's not that many to buy for anymore. I usually wait until a couple days before Christmas, rush to the store, pick out something for everyone on my list, and spend the next couple days rushing around, trying to get it all wrapped and do everything that needs to get done. Maybe it will put me in the holiday spirit. I doubt it, but maybe. It used to be easy to get in the spirit when I lived in Mass, it was cold out, there was usually snow on the ground, there were holiday parties to go to, I had more people to buy for, there were always kids around. Now, it's warm out, and it's just not the same.

I guess I better go get some work done, and I'll try to find something exciting to write about later on.

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