Friday, November 21, 2003

Maybe I'm Wrong but....

I wasn't going to write about the whole Michael Jackson thing, I figured half the people in the blogosphere were going to be adding their opinions to the pot, and I didn't need to spout off mine, especially since it isn't the popular "hang the pervert by the balls" opinion that most people seem to have. Maybe I'm crazy, and maybe I'm wrong, and if I am, then I hope they string his perverted ass up and castrate him, like they should do to all child molesters, but I just have a hard time believing he abused a child. Sure he's weird.. peculiar... odd.. and kind of a freak of nature.. who hangs his babies off a balcony. Sure he has hacked up his face until he looks like some kind of alien life form. I'm not claiming that he's a shining example of normalcy, or that there isn't something very, very wrong with the man's mind in a lot of ways. But that doesn't necessarily make him a pedophile. Yes, he's a talented singer and performer, and I have liked his music since I was just a little bitty thing, but that isn't why I have my doubts. Through everything he's been through, he has always maintained his love for children, and he is, by all accounts child-like himself still in a lot of ways, and he has the reputation of trying to re-live the childhood he lost out on being a performer. That, to me, explains his love of, and desire for being around children. It isn't necessarily perverted. It's a little strange maybe, but is it automatically sick? He has probably had thousands of children in and out of his home and as part of his life, and it just seems strange to me that of all the thousands of them, including kids like Mcauley Culkin, etc., there have only been two claims of any wrong doing. Is it that there were only two he ever got the opportunity or felt the desire to molest? or is it that only the two have come forward, and the rest are just keeping quiet for some unknown reason? I just think there would have been more allegations over the past 45 years of his life if there were any real truth to it. Once the first accuser came forward and was paid off, you would think there would have been others who said he had done it to them too, if he truly was molesting kids. I don't know any of the details anymore than the rest of the world who have followed along with the reports. I don't know what kind of accusations exactly were made, or what kind of proof they may have against him, and there is the chance that he did do whatever it is they are accusing him of. Who the hell knows! We may never know the full details. I'm not saying that he didn't. do it. Where there's smoke, there's usually fire. I just think that it's wrong to call in the lynch mob and decide he's guilty, and brand the guy a sick-o, baby raping, freak without benefit of a trial and without knowing the exact charges being brought, and without knowing if there is any actual evidence they can produce to prove it. Until he has a trial, and more details are known, I just think we should continue calling him an everyday, ordinary kinda freak, and give him the benefit of the doubt. The guy may be weird, but he still does have rights.

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