Friday, November 14, 2003

New Toys oh Joy...

Guess where I went today!! Come on.. guess.. ya know ya can.. come on!! Okay fine, I'll tell ya. I went to WALLY WORLD..yes, once again. We were headed for the grocery store. I thought for sure we would make it this time, but I was very wrong. J decided to stop at Wally World.. for a minute..and we ended up being there an hour, looking at TVs, which we then found they had none of the ones he was interested in actually in stock. I managed to get me a new DVD player, since I didnt have one, for around 43.00. I had been holding off getting one, since he has one I can use if I really wanna watch anything on DVD, because I wanted to get one of the VHS/DVD combo ones. This one was so cute though, and cheap.. which is always a good thing.. I decided to get it. It's really pretty cool, cuz it plays DVDs, CDs, VCDs, JPG's and stuff, and it's got a lot of neat features. Especially considering it was only 43.00. Its called CyberHome, and its a little, tiny thing. So, the DVD player, 4 DVDs, a new CD, and a few other assorted doodads later, we were on our way to the little Wally World on 103rd, to check out their TVs. They had crap too. At this point, I knew we'd never make it to the grocery store, because we had to go to Best Buy to check out TVs there, in Orange Park. J is basically a 2-year-old.. or, he's just a guy, whichever way ya wanna look at it. He decides he wants to get something, and then he must have it, right away. He has no patience, he won't wait for sales, and he will irritate the fuck out of you until he gets whatever it is he is looking for. Unfortunately, unlike a 2-year-old, I'm not his mommy, and I can't send him to his room and tell him to stop whining, cuz he ain't gettin' no dang toys! Drives me insane!! At least he's spending his money now, so I really don't care. It ended up okay though, cuz he found a much better quality TV, a Magnavox I think, that is 27", as opposed to the 25" Orion he was looking at in Wally World, for about 30.00 cheaper. Plus, I found one for the living room there, that I'm gonna get very shortly, so I'm happy too. I couldn't get mine today, because we couldnt get two TVs in our car. We could barely get one in the car, and had to put it in the trunk, without the box, and ride home with it wedged into the trunk and the trunk open. We had no rope or cords or anything to tie it, so he was freakin' out, wondering if it was gonna fly outta the trunk. He wouldn't stop anywhere to buy any rope or cords either, he would rather chance it falling out, and drive me insane the whole way home freakin out at every little bump. Ok, so...why do I need a man again? On the upside, the guy who waited on us at Best Buy was really cute, though really young. Love me some eye candy.. woohoooo.. Maybe tomorrow we'll finally make it to the grocery store, but I'm not holding my breath.

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