Friday, November 28, 2003

Ready .. Set.. Shop!

Here we go!! Today marks the day of this year's fun-filled holiday season. Did everyone get to the early bird sales this morning? I had planned to get up early this morning and head out to the stores to grab me some deals.. but I didn't quite make it. I ended up having to stay here all day, because our heater decided to breakdown yesterday, and we had to wait for the repair guy to come fix it. It's gonna be really cold here tonight, and I didn't wanna freeze, so I figured we better wait. Now, I wish I hadn't waited and it wasn't fixed, because J has the heat on about 1000 and I'm roasting like a pig. I'm about to plug in the fan. We did go out tonight, after the heater guy left, and went.. where else.. to Wally World. I needed to get some new tie out leashes for the dogs, cuz the ones they have are really on their last legs, and I picked up a few things while I was there. I bought Matrix Reloaded, some barrettes and hair ties, and some basic groceries, and a few little odds and ends, and J got himself some cologne and stuff. We were walking through the store looking at stuff, and J was showing me all kinds of things, hinting at what I could get him for Christmas. So I gave him a whole list of things he can get me, too. I told him I want TiVO. I've been telling him that, so lets see if he gets the hint and gets it. for me. I also told him I want a PS2 or Xbox, a turntable for my stereo so I can play my records, a USB hub for my computer, so I can plug all my gadgets in at the same time, a second hard drive for this computer, or my computer back from him that he's been using, a treadmill, so I can look at it and feel guilty about the exercise I'm not doing.. I will add more to the list as the weeks go by, and I'll probably end up with none of it. LOL But that's okay, cuz I'll get it all for myself, if he won't get it for me. We went to Wally World on Wednesday night, too, and I got my new TV. I was going to buy it at Best Buy, but Walmart ended up getting the exact same one for the same price, so since we were going there anyway, and they're much closer, I got it here instead, along with Bruce Almighty DVD, and the magic markers that I used to draw and color my masterpieces I made at Thanksgiving (below).

RCA - 27" Stereo TV with Adjustable Color Warmth - Silver - 27R411T

J wanted to buy Santa Clause 2, or rather he wanted *me* to buy it, but I said we could rent it for now, and see if its worth buying before we go ahead and get it. So, we headed to Blockbuster but they were out, and so we decided to go check out the other Blockbuster, on 103rd, and they had one VHS copy, and after much hemming and hawing, because (gasp) it wasn't DVD, we got that. He's in watching it now. Then we stopped at Taco Bell on the way home and picked up some dinner, since I didn't feel like cooking.

I just got paid on Wednesday, and I've managed to spend all my money already. Aside from the stuff we bought at Wally World, I had to buy my new headphones, a new CD-R drive, and I ordered J a flash drive as part of his Christmas present. Then mom called today and wanted to know if I had any money, they needed to buy two new tires, cuz they got a flat the other day and are riding around on a spare, so I gave her 50.00, which was s'posed to be my grocery money. So, now I'm officially poor until my next payday, but I got some new stuff to play with, and my bills got paid, so it's all good

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