Friday, November 07, 2003

Romantic gestures meme

  • Sexy Saturday

  • Looking for inspiration, I surfed through some of the meme lists, and came upon this question from Sexy Saturday, and decided I wanted to do this one, even though it's a few weeks old, and it's not Saturday, but this is my blog and I'll do damn well what I please!

    What's the most romantic thing a partner has ever done for you?

    In answer to this question, if I think back and remember, there have been several romantic gestures offered up to me from time to time, like the time Arty brought me cough drops when I caught a cold from standing outside talking to him in the rain, and the time Keith bought me every single thing on the Christmas list of about 20 things I had given to him. It was just meant for ideas and inspiration, but he got every single thing on the list. But if I had to pick the most romantic ever, it would have to be from Eric.

    Eric was a guy I dated just before moving to Florida. He was Spanish, very sexy, sweet, sensual.. he was wonderful. One day, he came to visit me at work, and we were talking, and I happened to mention casually that I had to go out the next day after work and find some cardboard boxes to pack in, so I could move. The next night, he showed up at my door with about 20 boxes, and in his pocket he had some bike pedals. I had a mountain bike that I rode everywhere, and he had noticed that one of the pedals were broken. I hadn't had a chance to worry about getting it fixed, cuz I was real busy with work and school. But he had the pedals and some tools, and he came in and just fixed my bike pedal for me, and then he gave me a CD of Spanish love songs he bought for me. I sat there watching him bent over my bike, fixing my pedals for me, and I fell in love. It just proved to me what I always say about love, anyone can do candlelight and roses, real love is in the gestures.

    The second most romantic thing ever was from Dave. He was a chief warrant officer in the Navy, and he was gone A LOT, but one time he came home from one of his little jaunts, and he had a piece of coral he had picked up on the beach from wherever he had been at. He handed it to me and said "I noticed you have all kindsa stuff up there on your shelf, I thought you might like this". I don't know why that struck me as so romantic, except the fact that I realized that he was thinking of me while he was away. Even while walking along a tropical beach, I was still on his mind. And he brought me something for my shelf, because he noticed that I liked that sorta thing.

    Maybe these things stick out in my mind as more romantic than any other thing anyone has ever done for me, and may not seem romantic to someone else, because these particular gestures were from men I truly was in love with. The only two ever. If someone you only kinda love gave you the moon, it wouldn't mean half as much as someone you are truly in love with giving you a grain of sand. At least in my book anyway, but maybe its just me.

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