Saturday, November 08, 2003

Scaredy Cat, Scaredy Cat...

I'm still awake, just finished working, and it's 7:30 a.m. I know the time at the bottom says its more like 4-something, but that's because I'm on Eastern time, and its' set for Central because of my job But anyway, I was over at Serenity's Journal earlier. I'm too lazy to do a link, if you wanna visit her the link is over yonder ------->
She was talking about bugs crawling in your ears while yer sleeping, and she creeped me out, so now I don't wanna lay down and go to sleep. LOL

So now, I've been thinking about the things that people are afraid of, and the weird phobias people have. Like some people get grossed out if someone touches their food, or coughs around them, or they refuse to use public bathrooms or public phones. Not a bad idea, but when the idea of it grosses you out or scares you so much that you refuse to ever do it, it can be a problem. I found this site
  • , which lists tons of things that people have phobias about. They actually have a name for people who are afraid of slime, or fatigue, or philosophy.. Who the hell is afraid of philosophy?? People are strange, I guess. Is it stranger that someone has the fear, or that enough people have the fear that it has a name? I suppose I should be happy that I don't have any really weird phobias. Besides needles, heights, falling, death, roller coasters...there's not much I'm truly phobic about. Although, it does gross me out when people eat something out of a bowl or jar or something and then double dip, or keep eating out of the jar. Then they put it back for other people to eat out of.. gross! J does it with peanut butter and things like cottage cheese, so if I buy it I have to buy a jar for me and one for him, and hide mine so he won't dig into it. But that's not weird is it?? ummm.....hmmmm
    maybe it is. I don't know. I guess people can't help what they're afraid of.

    Now, thanks to Serenity, I will be thinking of bugs in my ears while I sleep, but other than that, I'll be okay.

    Actually, I do have one weird phobia. I have a fear of choking on food. Because of this, I rarely eat meat and stuff like that when I'm alone, because I have this fear that I will try to swallow it and it will get caught in my throat, or go down the wrong way, and noone will be there to Heimlich me. It's not such a weird thing to be afraid of in and of itself, except that I don't know where the fear comes from. I dunno, I just always thought it was a weird thing to be afraid of for no real reason. Okay, now I'm tired and I'm going to lay down, bugs or no bugs. I'll just put a pillow over my ears, and I'll be fine.

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