Monday, November 17, 2003

Slaying the Beast

I'm soooo lovin my new bed. I spent all day Sunday cleaning my room and clearing it out, did some laundry, and took a nap, and then it was time to try to get "the beast" which was my old bed outta the room. J kept insisting we weren't gonna be able to get it out, and he was whining so bad, I thought I was gonna have to shoot him. But I told him, it got in here somehow, there has to be a way to get it out. He didn't wanna try to move it. The thing was huge.. I'm talking HUGE..and very heavy and hard to handle, so I don't blame him for being a less than thrilled at the prospect of having to drag it outta the house, but it had to go. He came up with the brilliant idea of cutting it up. So he took a big butcher knife and started hacking at it. He ripped away the cover, and pulled out the lining, and we took it apart down to the springs. I thought he was being retarded at first, because I figured the time we spent hacking the thing up and pulling it apart, which made a big mess I then would have to clean, we coulda just hauled it out and been done with it. It turned out to be a good thing though, because, as it turns out, the inside was filled with that egg crate foam padding stuff, and I took a big piece of it, sprayed it with disinfectant, since it probably had lots of bacteria and such being inside the mattress, and cut a piece of it to fit the top of my mattress. I was gonna buy a cushion or some of the egg crate stuff anyway, cuz the mattress I got was a cheap one, like 99.00 or so, and it was comfortable enough, but my old mattress was a pillow top and I like it cushy. I threw a sheet on it, and it's so unfreakin-believably comfy I just love it. Then I took some of the rest of the padding stuff and covered it with an old sheet, which I'll take to mom's sometime this week to sew together the right way, on her sewing machine, to make a doggy bed for the puppies to sleep on, so they won't have to sleep on the floor. Just saved myself at least 30.00 with that one, plus 20.00 or so on the cushion for the bed. Not a bad deal!

Hacking up "the beast" made it a lot lighter and easier to move, and we got it out with a minimum of fuss. So it's all good!

It's so strange having a floor now. With "the beast" in here, there was about a two foot wide, L-shaped path around the edge of the bed, leading to the door. Most of the time, when she wasn't sleeping on the bed, Niki would be sleeping somewhere in that path, usually right under my feet, so every time I had to get up to leave the room, I had to step over, or negotiate around her, or make her move. She would get up slowly, as I waited, and hrumph at me, because I made her move, and she'd climb onto the bed. It was just a hassle. Now I have nothing but wide-open spaces, it's the freakin Ponderosa bay-bee!

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