Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Something I don't get

I'm watching the Golden Girls final show for the umpteenth time on Lifetime, and Dorothy, freshly wed to Blanche's uncle, is heading out the door to her new home with her new hubby. I love The Golden Girls, and watch it often, so I've seen all of the episodes a zillion times, by now. But something has always bugged me about this episode, and this is it. After the goodbye speech, and I love you's, Rose asks Dorothy, "Is this goodbye?", and she shakes her head yes, sadly, says I love you, always, and leaves. Now.. WTF is up with this? First of all, the woman is moving from Miami to Atlanta, I think its Atlanta anyway, hardly the other side of the world. Second, these women have shared 6 or 7 years of their lives, or however long it was, and are parting from each other, having pledged several times through one crisis or another, to be friends forever and always be there for each other, they are family and best friends, yet because she got married she is no longer going to be a part of their lives? Third, she married Blanche's uncle!! She's now actually a part of her family, you would think they would be closer now, and stay in touch, making grand efforts to stay in contact and get together at least occasionally, whenever they can manage it. Her new hubby is richer than God after all. On top of all this, her mother, Sophia, is staying with the other two in the house.. this is her mother.. whom she has taken care of and worried over for all these years, and she loves very much. Is she now, because she married and moved to the next state, going to not continue to visit with and talk to her mom? It just never made sense to me, it's lame, I tell you, just really, really lame.

I have been best friends with the same girl since kindergarten. We grew up together, I was in the delivery room when she had her first baby. I even held her before she did. The other five, she delivered cesarean, so I wasn't there for those, but I would have been if she wanted me to. When I decided to move to Florida, it broke both our hearts, but I knew it was something I really wanted to do. We are still best friends, we talk often, online and on the phone, I visit whenever I can manage to get up there, and I love her like a sister. I don't care if I moved to the moon, we would manage to keep in touch and be just as close, come hell or high water. I know friends sometimes drift apart, even the best of friends, or they fight and friendships break up, but you can bet if a best friend of mine married my uncle and moved to Atlanta, I'd at least get the phone number and call once in a while.

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