Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Surfin we will GO

I been surfin around, visiting folks today, and
  • Buzz
  • had a pretty good discussion going about kids today and "when we were kids",
  • Sugarmama
  • is goin off about icky, disgusting cigarettes and the evil nastiness of them, and
  • Leeann
  • is talking about the strange things people name their kids. Lots of good stuff to read and chat about.

    I'm kinda bummed, because my house ate my purse! I know it's here somewhere, but I have no clue where. Unless someone came in while I slept and stole it, I know it was here Sunday, and I haven't gone anywhere to be able to leave it anywhere, so it has to be somewhere in this house, but hell if I know where it is. Maybe it's been taken by a Poltergeist, and eventually it will climb down from a rope in the ceiling all covered in goo. That's about the best explanation I have for where it could be. I moved everything outta my room when I was on my cleaning jag Sunday, and I piled some stuff outside the closet door in boxes that have to go in the closet, and some stuff went into the living room, and some stuff went into the bathroom until I could get to it and sort it all out and throw out the crap. I know my purse was here somewhere, now I've gone through everything, even thought maybe it fell into a trash bag and got tossed so I checked the trash, but its nowhere. There's not much in there I can't live without, except my bank card and my ID, and my keys are attached to it, but it's just driving me nuts cuz I know its got to be here somewhere. It's gonna drive me nuts til I find it. I can't even go check my mail, cuz my mailbox key is on my purse. grrrrrrr

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