Thursday, November 20, 2003

This still cracks me up!

The Citi card identity theft commercials still crack me up. I love the one with the old lady too, but I havent been able to get all the dialog for that one yet, or the hair dryer lady one either. The middle aged man, sitting in the chair one, however, I did manage to get. Since about half the Google searches on this site are for that commerical, I figured I'd share.

Sports are on the TV in the background. The man opens his mouth to speak and the voice of a young ditzy woman comes out. The man perfectly lip-syncs all that is said:

"First I emptied the checking account and then I hit the mall, and there in the window was this sexy little outfit, and oh my gosh, I just had to have it.
Fifteen hundred dollars for a leather bustier?
I didn't care, it lifts and separates. Heh.
Plus, it's not like I'm actually paying for it. Hehehe, ah."

I wish I could find the video somewhere, maybe I should check Kazaa.

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