Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Tuesday Chooseday

Tuesday Chooseday: "

Which would you choose?

1. Be confronted on the street by a loud, angry panhandler for a week straight OR by an unbearably persistent bible thumper?

I'd pick the thumper. I don't like loud, angry people as a rule, especially if they're harrassing me for cash. I do, however, like to mess with bible thumper's minds.

2. Eat your entire diet cold OR eat your entire diet overcooked?

I'd say cold, unless the overcooked was just slightly and not to the point of being burnt. If it was just slightly overcooked, I'd say overcooked would be better.

3. Be the boy in the plastic bubble OR the elephant man?

I'll take the bubble. He was at least cute, and a bubble is a nice safe environment. Can I have my puter in my bubble???

4. Eat a cooked beaver tail OR a cooked cow udder?

Cow udders, definitely. They are at least part of the cow, and probably don't taste much different than the rest of the cow, which I already eat. I have, so far, managed to avoid eating a beaver...

Tuesday is Chooseday -- what says YOU!?!?!? "

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