Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Ya know what really chaps my ass!?

Well, I'm gonna tell you. I'm generally easy going and don't get all freaky about spyware, as long as it's something I chose to download, and people invading my privacy, since I don't have anything to hide. I'll tell ya anything you wanna know. Really! I will! Ask me anything! But the thing that truly irritates me are those little weasel programs that plant themselves on your desktop or in your start menu etc, when you visit a site or download a program. I went to one site today, couldn't tell you which one it was, but somewhere along the road I ended up with some kinda search thingy on my desktop. I don't recall anyone asking me if I wanted it there, but there it was. Now I don't know if anything was deposited along with it, and it pisses me off! I had this porn thing one time that got put on here, I think my nephew was visiting porn sites and went somewhere that deposited it there. He swore he didn't install anything or download any kinda program. It was a dialer program, to be able to dial into some 5.00 a minute porn site and I couldn't get rid of that little bitch for anything. It took forever to find the source and delete it. It just sat there in my start menu with its little porn dialer icon, laughing at me, but I finally got rid of it. Now I got this search thingy. It's bad enough when you download AOL or a lot of other programs, they not only give you 1000 little icons .. one in the start menu, one in the tray, one on the desktop..sheesh.. but they also give you advertising type crap that saves your desktop. Sign on a friend my ass! I could use the money, but I don't have any friends..err.. well none who need AOL anyway. Ok, well I'm going on a crap hunt through my files and see what other goodies I can find. I'm not happy

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