Saturday, November 08, 2003

Yes it IS a phuqing problem!

Dominos is at the top of my shit list today dammit. I did my weekly weekend pizza fix, and got me the evil, evil philly cheesesteak, as usual, but when I called, the girl who took my order was training someone. No problem! I, oh so patiently, sat and listened as she walked her through the steps of entering an order into the computer, got my total, and she apologized for the delay. I said No problem! After I hung up, I realized that the total she had given me didn't seem right for what I ordered, so I called her back and it seems they forgot that I ordered the second pizza for $5.00 special, so she added the second one and gave a new total. All was good. No problem! Then the guy showed up with the pizza about an hour later, and he forgot my Coke, so he said he'd be back with it. A small glitch, disappointing, but No problem! So I open the box, and there is no garlic butter dipping sauce in the box, which I really, really wanted. I love the garlic butter dipping sauce. It's yummy. That's why I ordered it. So, I called Dominos again, and explained that I was here with pizza, sans soda, and when the driver came back to get my Coke, to please send him also with my yummy garlic butter dipping sauce. I was very nice about it, if I do say so myself. Especially since I was kinda irritated. Fifteen minutes later, the dogs started going mental, which meant the driver was here, and I was all geared up to get my Coke and my sauce, so I could eat my rapidly cooling pizza.. but he has no sauce! They didn't give him my damn sauce. Now I'm not happy. I wanted that sauce. So I called, yet again, and explained that I am still without sauce, and now I'm very not happy, because I specifically called and requested the sauce. The girl apologized, blah blah blah, new driver just filling in..blah blah blah, training new order takers blah blah blah. We'll send the sauce if you like. What the fuck for now! My pizza is already lukewarm, and I'm starving, and I'm pretty irritated. Fuck the sauce! That's what I thought. What I said was, yes, I'll take a credit. It's too late for the sauce now, I'll do without it. In the background, of course, while I'm trying to have a discussion with the girl, J comes in the room and starts running his mouth, loudly, about the bullshit service, shove their sauce up their ass, how about free pizza.. blah blah blah.. I know it's irritating and they fucked up, and I'm pissed too, but I have found that screaming at people over the phone and being an asshole, having been on the receiving end of these calls, gets you nowhere. All it really does, is give the workers something to laugh at your dumb ass about. In the case of food service, it could possibly get you extra ingredients you didn't order added to your next order. On top of the fact that I'm generally easy going and nonconfrontational, unless it's something that really matters, Dipping sauce is not one of those things. I told him to shut the hell up, I was handling it. Then I had to listen to 15 minutes of he woulda had a free pizza, and he woulda made them bring the sauce, so he could tell the driver what an ass he was when he got here....pffffffffft Whatever! I ate my pizza without the sauce, and fed the crust to the puppies, since it's no fun to eat the crust without the yummy garlic butter dipping sauce. At least someone was happy. I wanted that dang sauce though....

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