Friday, December 05, 2003

Blog it Forward III - Sharing the Linky Love Since 2003

Buzz has declared it Blog it Forward day III, and I have decided to do my bit and share the linky love. Even though virtually everyone on my blogroll already gets more traffic than me, I will share so that the 5-1/2 of you who actually come visit me regularly can check them out.

Just about everyone on my blogroll has some pretty great stuff to read, and I like them all for different reasons. But since I don't have time to list and link to every one of them, and that would be pretty silly since they are, after all, already there linked and visible for clicking if you so desire, I will just offer up a few for your consideration:

Natalie at pickle juice cracks me up daily. She is so funny, and I always love to read her stuff.

Sarah at Sassypants is always an interesting read. She's also funny, and sufficiently snarky to be thoroughly entertaining.

Leeann of the cheese stands alone fame, is always good for a laugh, and not afraid to tell it like it is...check out her Dear Santa post today. LOL

Serenity of Serenity's Journal is a righteous read, and sugarmama is a must read also, she has $500,000 titties!

I also thoroughly enjoy Dawn's Up Yours and TW and Statia and Dizzy Girl Gennie.. and..and...oh hell! Just click on all the links over yonder -----------> for some great and entertaining ways to waste your day away.

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