Friday, December 05, 2003

The Daily Report

Hello people! Not much going on around here lately. I've just been working and trying to keep up on the house stuff. I ended up buying some material at Wally World the last time I went for $1.00 a yard to make some proper covers for the foam pieces I saved from inside "the beast" to make the dog beds, and my mom sewed em up for me and brought em over today, so the puppies are in hog heaven. They're cat's ass with their new beds. I laid them on the floor, and they promptly plopped their butts on them and sprawled out and went to sleep. Elmo has decided that the bottom shelf of my bookcase in the living room is his own personal space, and he keeps throwing the big stack of 45's (yes, records) on the floor. He lays on the shelf, and periodically jumps out and attacks things as they go by... feet are his fav'rits, but he's also partial to attacking the dogs, and jumping on Junior. He's not a bright kitty, cuz Junior then kicks his ass. I have to pick the records up 20 times a day and put them back, and I know I should stop him from doing it, or block off the shelf or something so he can't lay there, but he really likes it there. I may have to move the records to another shelf. He'll be happy, and maybe it will keep him off the top of my desk, so I can work without having my keyboard hanging off the edge of the desk. I wouldn't wanna disturb him or anything, he needs his beauty sleep. Right now, he's laying here with me doing kitty wrappies, and he's quite content.

I've been being nice to J the last couple of days, making dinner early, so when he comes home his dinner is all ready and he can eat. He doesn't know what's going on. He's in a state of utter shock. He didn't even bitch that my spaghetti sauce was too chunky tonight, that's how happy he is. We have this same conversation every time I make sauce. When I say "make sauce", I mean open the jar of Ragu..did I mention I don't cook? I know there are some food snobs out there, that think jar sauce is an abomination and would never admit to eating it, but there are a zillion different varieties of sauce, so someone's eating it, and it aint just me! Anyway, I usually take the jar of Ragu, usually Chunky Mushroom and Green Pepper flavor, and I brown some beef and add a can of Italian style diced tomatos, and some spices, and maybe a bay leaf. Then I like to add onions, which I cut up but not diced, so the onion pieces are kinda big, but not huge. I like my sauce chunky, he doesn't. I would put in extra peppers and mushrooms, and maybe some zucchini, but he won't eat zucchini, and he doesn't lilke shroomage or lots of veggies, so I don't make it chunky like I'd like, but he thinks its still too chunky, and he bitches every time. Then he scarfs down a plate or two. Tonight, there was no bitching. I even made a pot of tea for him, that's how nice I am! My laundry is even done, and I didn't leave the clothes in the dryer, so when he goes to do his, he has to take mine outta the dryer for me and bring them to my room. I don't think that's ever happened before. Usually my clothes stay in the washer at least a full day, and sometimes have to be rewashed at least once before they finally make it to the dryer. Then, when he has to do his clothes, he has to sometimes even put them into the dryer for me, so he can wash his, but usually he just has to take them from the dryer. Problem is, I can't keep doing these things, because he will begin to expect them, and we can't have that. I like to keep his expectations low.

I even baked today..sorta. I made some of this Betty Crocker Complete Desserts Apple Crisp and OMG its goooood. I love apple crisp, but I don't usually make it because I hate to cut up the apples and stuff. This tastes just as good, and it's way simpler. Warm apple crisp and a mountain of whipped cream....mmmmmm. If you haven't tried it, and ya like apple crisp, go get some. Actually, though, it's pretty much just a can of Comstock apples and the topping mix, which is really easy to make with butter and cinnamon and sugar and stuff. That may be cheaper, and just as easy. No matter how ya get it, apple crisp is the food of the Gods.

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