Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Good Grief Charlie Brown

Well, I attempted to change the color scheme around here tonight to a more Christmas-y red, green, and white, but for some reason I couldn't get it to change right. I know I can do it, I changed the original colors to these colors, and it wasn't hard, but somehow I can't remember or figure out how to get them to change again. I managed to get the this area to go red, but couldn't get the top or sides to go green.. hrmph. I'll figure it out eventually, and see what I'm doing wrong. It didn't help that my cable modem was out for about 2 hours, right in the middle of when I was messing around with trying to do this.

I watched Charlie Brown's Christmas tonight, that was kinda nice. I haven't seen that one in a couple years, because I kept missing it. I really like that one, I should just go ahead and buy it. It's one of the few I don't have. They were also playing Year Without a Santa Clause and Frosty the Snowman and a few others on ABC Family, so I got to see part of YWOSC before I changed the channel and watched The Simple Life. I can watch YWOSC later, whenever I like, so I decided to check out TSL instead. I changed the channel just in time to see the Heat Meiser and Snow Meiser parts, J thinks I'm insane cuz I shing along with the cartoons. He's no fun. LOL

The Simple Life was pretty good. It was funny when they were talking about how country people are all supposed to hang out at the Walmart, and Paris goes, "What's a Walmart? do they sell things to build walls or something?" Duh! I'll probably keep watching it, but I don't know, because during Gilmore Girls.. I need my Tivo now dammit! J says he's gonna buy me one for Christmas, and I really hope he does, but I really wish he hadn't told me he was going to get it. I want to be surprised. I hate knowing what my birthday and Christmas presents are before the right day. My brothers were always trying to find out what they were getting before Christmas, and if they found something hidden in the house they would tell each other what they found. They tried to tell me if they found something that was obviously meant for me, and I'd cover my ears and say "la la la la la.. I can't hear you!" I'd get mad if they told me. Lisa would do that too, she would tell everyone what they were getting, and try to bribe everyone to tell her what I was getting her. It pissed me off. I told her if she found out before Christmas what I got for her, and I found out she knew, I'd bring it back and she'd get socks or something totally unexciting. Made her stop prying, too, cuz I always bought her good stuff LOL

Oh well, I'm going back to work. Now that my internet is back, and I've given up on my color changing for now, I'll try to be a little productive tonight. : O)

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