Sunday, December 07, 2003

I Love U.. You Love Me...

Now that Blogger has finally gotten its head outta its ass, I can post again..wheeeeee

Well, I did it. I went over and checked out the nominees for the
  • WebLog Awards
  • , and ya know what? I wasn't nominated for a dang thing! I am in shock, I tell ya. I thought I had a shot at a nomination, for something . That's why I haven't gone over there and really checked it out up to this point, I was afraid I would be so overwhelmed by the excitement of seeing my name listed with the others, I wouldn't be able to contain myself. I thought maybe I had a shot at best new blog, but up against choices like Buzz and Allah and all, I didn't stand a chance. Then I saw they had categories for the TTLB ratings, and I thought maybe I had a shot at one of those, but nope.. not even a mention. Can you believe that shit?! But I think I know what the problem's probably because all those people who would have wanted to nominate me for a TTLB award couldn't do it, because I can't stay in one category. One day I'm a freakin flippery fish, the next I'm a crawly amphibian. Why, just this morning I woke up an amphibian, and now I'm back to being a fish. How the heck is anyone supposed to pick an accurate category and award my brilliance properly, if I can't even stay in a category long enough to get through the voting process. I'm betting that's what it is. If people would either link me and leave me alone, or not link me in the first place, I'd be fine. The only other explanation I have, is that either I write such crap that I'm not worth a nomination. But how could that be, when I post things like my amazing artwork, and my test results, and, of course, the meme's, plus, you know, all that other filler stuff I throw up to fill in the voids around the meme and test results posts. Nah, that's not possible, the content can't be the problem. Maybe it's because nobody really knows I exist, except my loyal and much loved 5-1/2 regular readers. Ahhhh.. that could be the problem.. that might explain it. Okay, I choose that one. I can accept that as a reasonable reason. I can accept it, but it still ain't right. So, I declare that the whole thing sucks, and I hate it .. down with the Weblog Awards! It's a big ol' popularity contest, and it's unfair to those not nominated. How about a little fairness and political correctness here, people! We all need a little more political correctness in our lives. If I can't win, I don't wanna play. Yeah for me! Everyone else sucks.. pffffffffffft Okay, I'm done, and I feel better now. You can now return to your regularly scheduled program. .. and go vote for your fav'rit bloggers, if you haven't already.

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