Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Let It Snow, Let It Sn...Hell No!

I was just watching the news here in sunny Florida, and they showed pictures of the major snow falling in Boston today. It sure was purty, but I'm sooo glad I'm not there. I don't like snow, cuz it just sucks. This is why I moved to Florida, pretty much. It wasn't the major reason, but it was up there near the top of the list. I grew up with the snow in Massachusetts, and it was fun as a kid to be able to have snowball fights, and make snow forts, and snowmen, and ice skating at the park, and sledding down Killer Hill, and snow angels were always a good time.. not to mention snow days! Who doesn't love a snow day. But once you grow outta wanting to pelt your friends with hard-packed balls of ice, snow pretty much loses it's appeal. For adults, unless you ski, which I don't have any desire to do, snow is just a nuisance. It's cold, which means you have to put on layers of clothes, and I hate wearing lots of clothes.. you also have to shovel it off your porch, your sidewalk, your driveway, and dig your car out from under it if you need to leave your house, sometimes several times a day. Then, sometimes, just after you do all that shoveling, the snow plow comes barreling down your street and buries the bitch again. Now that just sucks! Then, you gotta wear boots, and mittens, and the snow gets in your boots and your socks still get all wet, so you gotta walk around with squishy feet, and your mittens get wet, so when you take them off your fingers are all red and cold. Sometimes, you gotta wait til you thaw out before you can feel your fingers or toes again. I especially hate, when it snows over ice, and you step on an icy sidewalk and end up flat on your ass.. and all the neighbors.. and even your friends.. stand and laugh their ass off at ya, as you slip and slide trying to stand back up. That shit hurts! Ick! There is a very short list of things I like about snow.
1. I like the crunching sound it makes under your feet when you walk through it. Especially when you get the kind that's slightly icy and when you step in it, you leave deep foot prints... crunch, crunch, crunch..
2. It looks really pretty when it's fresh and covers everything in a blanket of white. It makes everything look clean and fresh, and looks nice all over the trees.
3. It makes for great snuggling weather, especially if you have a fireplace in your house. When the snow is falling, and its cold and icy outside, and you're sitting in your cozy, warm house wrapped up under a blanket with your man, that's some good stuff.
4. When you walk in the snow at night, when there's no traffic or people around, and you can just hear your footsteps, and hear the snow hitting the ground. It's very peaceful and it blankets the noise as it blankets the world.

Other than that, it just blows. I look out my windows, and its nice and clear outside. No danger of snow here! It's a bit chillier than usual, but not really cold, and if I go outside my door and fall on my ass, it won't be because of ice on my sidewalk. It will be because I'm a clumsy idiot. It sure does look pretty on the T.V., though. I think I'll go call Lisa and see if it's snowing there, so I can laugh at her. That's not really nice, especially since she's my best friend, and it is her birthday.. but it's fun for me!

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