Sunday, December 07, 2003

The Look of Love..

Did ya ever go to a restaurant, or maybe sit in a doctor's office, and your eye catches the eye of someone at another table, or sitting across from you, and your eyes just keep meeting whenever you look around the room. Then you just keep looking at each other. After a while, it seems like you're purposely looking or staring at that person, cuz whenever they lift their eyes, you just happen to be looking in their direction. You can tell they think you're singling them out, like you're just watching them, or it seems like they are staring at you, because every time you look up, they are looking in your direction. Then you feel kind of self conscious, especially if they're of the opposite sex, which they almost always are, and you know they think that you think they're hot. When, really, they're just in your eyeline, or something like that. It's even worse when they're with a wife or girlfriend, because sometimes the wife/girlfriend will catch you looking and get all "Bitch don't be looking at my man!" on ya. Then you have to try to make an effort to not look in their direction, but then you know they're thinking 'Oh sure..fight it, but you know you want to look at me" They will sometimes start trying to look unaware, and you can tell they're kinda posing for your benefit, and are totally watching to see if you are still looking... Does that ever happen to anyone else... or maybe it's just me.

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