Sunday, December 07, 2003

A Night On the Town

I had planned to work tonight, but I didn't quite make it. It's J's fault though, he forced me..handcuffs and go to the movies with him. He was payin, I was goin! That almost never happens. We were going to go see Haunted Mansion, but we decided against it because I had heard it wasn't that good, and we went to Matrix Revolutions instead. I loved it. I was kinda unsure about going to see it, because I've heard mixed reviews. Some said it sucked because it didn't really answer all the questions left from Reloaded, and some complained because Neo and Trinity and Morpheus etc, weren't as visible through the whole movie, but despite all that, I still thought it rawked! Yeah, I would have loved to see more of Neo, cuz Keanu makes my lower regions all squishy, and he is kinda the main character of the Matrix and all, but the story had evolved to a point where it wasn't supposed to be all about Neo, so I don't know what people are talking about. The Matrix was about Neo, about finding "The One" to save Zion, and all about the Matrix and what it was about. Reloaded was about Neo and Trinity and their love, and choices he made because of the love. It was about Neo really accepting that he was, in fact, "The One", and realizing that he had to do what he was there for, basically. So, Neo, Trinity, Morpheus, etc were prominent because it was about them all returning to Zion, and introducing Zion, its people, which is what they are all trying to save in the first place, and setting up the characters that would ultimately all be involved in saving Zion together, along with Neo. It was also more about Smith and how he multiplies himself, and him and Neo battling. Revolutions brings it all to a head, with Neo and Trinity striking out on their own to do what he knows he must do, and Morpheus and the others in the ships heading back to Zion fighting off the Sentinels, and the people of Zion battling to save their world from the Sentinels, against big odds, etc. until Morpheus and the crew arrive, in the nick of time, to save the day. I liked Reloaded, but I thought it was way overboard on the fight scenes, they got to be kinda pointless after a while. At least in my opinion. Though some thought they were the best part of Reloaded, and Revolutions' lack of big fight scenes was disappointing. They were really cool to watch, though. Reloaded kinda confused the heck outta me, actually, until I bought it and watched it a couple times. The final fight scene in Revolutions, between Neo and Smith, was an ass-kickin fight, that was great. I gotta admit, as much as I know Neo had to win over Smith in the end, and I'm glad he did, of course, I do kinda like some things about Smith. I love the way he says, "Mr. Aandersoon" in that "Smith voice". Revolutions didn't answer all the questions, it was a little confusing if you don't really pay attention, and I didn't get some things, like why did Smith change the oracle into a Smith clone, when she really didn't do anything once she was a clone. Just to show that she had changed back to herself after it was all settled at the end? It was kinda pointless, except to make you say "Oh no!" and make you wonder what was gonna happen next...which was nothing in particular. I loved the part with the Frenchman in the club, when Trinity gets bad on his ass and makes him allow her to save Neo. I also loved the way Niobe takes over the ship, cuz she's the only one who is a good enough captain to be able to make it through and get them back to Zion safely. You go girl! There were some gross parts, blood and a little gore, but nothing spectacular. Anyway, I thought it was really good.

Aside from the entertainment of the movie, there was also the added fun of sitting next to J, when there are 3 teenage boys sitting next to him. When J gets near a teenage boy, he becomes one of them. Before I knew it, I was having a popcorn fight, and I'm still picking popcorn outta my bra. I don't think the people in front of us were thrilled with that episode..but screw em if they can't take a joke. There were only about 19 or 20 people in the theater, anyway, cuz we went to the late show. I did manage to make them all laugh when J threw a handful of popcorn at me..a biiig handful..which mostly landed in my bra and my hair, and I said, a little louder than intended "Now I got popcorn in my bra, ya homo!" I got to hear all about which actress was the hottest, I can't remember who won that honor, but I think it was The Frenchman's wife. In addition to that, there were brilliant observations made, like how the Sentinels, as they broke through the wall into Zion, and dropped from the ceiling to the ground, kinda looked like big mechanical turds. That is something I never would have thought of on my own, and my life would have been just that much sadder.

Well, anyway, that was my night, and now that I'm done with my movie review for tonight, I think I'm gonna go make some cocoa and snuggle up under the covers. It's freezing here tonight, and I'm dead tired. Sad part is, as cold as it was outside tonight.. and it was phuqing cold.. there were people walking around with no jackets and shorts through the mall doing their Christmas shopping. Brrrrrrrr.. gave me chills just looking at em. Here's hoping for an early spring!

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