Monday, December 01, 2003

Still Standing

I was just watching "Still Standing" CBS and I just gotta say, that I really like this show. It's funny. It is kinda strange to watch it when they talk about the 80's when they were teenagers, the same time *I* was a teenager, and they are married with young teenage children. Then it reminds me that I am old enough to be the parent of a young teenager, and that's just weird to think about. If you happen to *be* a parent of young teenage children, then I guess it's not so strange, but to me it seems freaky. Most of the time, I have to remind myself I'm not 24. LOL Anyway, I really love this show because it stars one of my fav'rit actresses from way back, Jami Gertz. You remember her don't ya? She has been in some great movies, and I've always liked her. She was in "Sixteen Candles", where she played one of the drunk friends that cut off the prom queens hair, "Endless Love", "Quicksilver" - with Kevin Bacon as a bike messenger, and she played Blair in "Less Than Zero" with Andrew McCarthy and Robert Downey Jr. as (gasp) a coke head! Imagine that! My three fav'rits of hers though, were as Star the newbie vampire-girl in the Lost Boys, Kirstie Alley's younger sister Jeanine in "Sibling Rivalry", and as Emily Pear in "Don't Tell Her It's Me" with Steve Guttenberg and Shelly Long. She was in so many of my favorite movies, and she was also on "Facts of Life" briefly. Then she kinda disappeared except for a few guest shots on ER and Ally McBeal, until she resurfaced here in this show. I guess she was off getting married and having babies. The show also stars Mark Addy, who I've always wondered where the hell I knew him from when I've watched this show, only to find out when I went to check out the page for this post, that he was Fred Flintstone in "Flintstones in Viva Las Vegas" and was in "A Knight's Tale".and "The Full Monty". Ya learn something new everyday. Anyway, I like it, and if you haven't seen it you should check it out.

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