Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Wednesday Whatevers

Wednesday Whatevers

1. How much do you typically spend during the holiday season?
It all depends. I used to spend a lot. I had about 40 people on my list every year, with my family and my friends, and their kids. I'd end up spending 700.00+ every year. I love to Christmas shop, so I would buy tons of stuff, especially for the kids. The last few years, I've been pretty poor around Christmas, so I haven't spent much at all. I barely bought for the kids or J, and my brothers and sister and I stopped buying gifts for each other several years back, because it just got too expensive buying for everyone. We used to pick names and buy for just one person, but we don't even do that anymore. I usually buy something little for my sister and brother Drew, and my parents, because they're all here in Jacksonville, but the rest we don't bother for each other. This year, I'll have a little extra cash at Christmas, so me and J will be spending a lot more than usual on each other. He's s'posed to be getting me TiVO and I've already spent close to 100.00 on him, and still have to get the bigger stuff. I think I'm getting him a DVD burner for his computer, and a new electric shaver, plus the stuff I've already gotten him. Unfortunately, his birthday is on the 22nd, so I gotta get him something for that too..I'll be poor until after New Years, but I'll get to have fun shopping. Aside from him, I have to buy for mom and dad, Di, Drew, the 4 kids, and my friends Sugar and Deb...not too big a list, but it's enough. I figure I'm looking at about 400.00+ this year.

2. What do you think is a symbol of power?
It's all about the Benjamins baby!

3. Do you try to analyze dreams, or regard them as just dreams?
Usually I just think of them as dreams. I actually don't remember my dreams too clearly usually, once I'm fully awake. Which really sucks, because I have some pretty neat stuff in my dreams sometimes, and I wake up thinking, "Shit, I wish I could remember the details." Once in a while, I will remember something clearly and it feels important for some reason, then I try to figure out if it has some kind of meaning. Like if I dream of someone I know being sick or dying, or of losing something, then I tend to think about them. I have a lot of dreams about being late for something, like I'm late for school or work, and I try to get there, but stuff keeps happening or I get sidetracked, and I remember I need to get to work but I just can't get there. Then I used to have a lot of the "pee pee dream". Where ya really, really gotta go, but I can't find a bathroom, and if I find one it's out of order, or there's a bunch of people standing around watching and they won't leave me alone so I can go. I'm standing there, dancing around in agony, and they're laughing saying they aren't gonna leave. Sometimes I dream that I keep actually going, but I still have to go, it never goes away. I have to constantly be searching for a bathroom. I'm really surprised when I have one of those, that I don't wake up in a puddle, but so far I haven't. The good thing is, I haven't hardly ever had a nightmare or scary dream. They're pretty much happy. They may be some strange and odd things, but nothing threatening. The only bad dream I ever remember having, is a recurring dream I used to have where I would go to the park near my house, and someone would chase me all the way home with a knife. Sometimes it would be someone I know, like my brother, and sometimes just a stranger. I would be trying to run, but my legs wouldn't move fast enough. I would be running in slow motion. But I always managed to get to my house and lock the doors, and he would be outside trying to get in, until I woke up. That was not one of my fav'rit dreams. I got way off topic on this one, but you got the general idea. LOL

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