Friday, December 05, 2003

Wish You Were Here...

This is a picture of me with my niece Stephanie. She was about 5 years old in this picture, and it's the only one I have of the two of us together. She'll be 16 on April 6, 2004, and I'm hoping to be there for her Sweet 16 party. I just found this picture today, at the bottom of a drawer, and it just made me think that I can't believe how time flies. I can't believe my baby is going to be 16, and she and her sisters and brothers are all growing up and I'm missing it. Almost makes me want to move back to Mass, because I hate not being able to see them, but at the same time, I have friends here, and my mom and dad, and sister, most of my family really, is now down here in Jacksonville. Sucks having to make choices dammit! I think I need to hit the lottery.. find a sugar daddy.. or find someway to make lots of money, so I can afford to schlep back and forth whenever I please to see everyone I miss from home. Okay, there's really no point to any of this, I'm just babbling as usual. : O)

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