Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Culinary Feats of Wonder

I just made the most awesome salad, and I thought I'd share. I wish I took a picture of it for you. It was truly a thing of beauty. It almost made me sad to eat it.. but I did it anyway. I had a saladgasm.. actually it was more like multiple saladgasms. Very satisfying indeed.

I took a bag of salad..which is pretty much just lettuce with some shredded carrots and bits of red cabbage, for the most part..so, truly, I took some lettuce, and poured it in a big bowl. I steamed a chicken breast and put various spices on it and a bit of lemon, and hard boiled an egg, and chopped them and added them to the lettuce. I then cut up a tomato and took some baby carrots, and a whole slew of shredded cheddar cheese. Then I added a bunch of roasted red peppers, and a tiny bit of Buttermilk Ranch dressing. Are you drooling yet? You really should be. It was fabulous. Lettuce, tomatos, carrots, egg, chicken, cheese, and roasted peppers...I think I need another.

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