Friday, February 20, 2004

Curses! Foiled again...

Dammit..what's a girl ta do!? I had decided to take tonight off. I was ready and set to sit around and relax, eat some popcorn, blog a bit, watch some TV, and go to bed early. Then happened. My coordinator called me and told me they put a bonus out on my accounts for this weekend.. shameless bitch! Waving that carrot in front of my greedy little eyes. How can I relax, rest, and vegetate knowing that I'm throwing away all that good bonus cash? I could do it. I could just put it out of my mind, and forget about the money, but would I hate myself in the morning? I am soooo tired, I could lay down right now and sleep til morning, but I know I won't. Maybe I'll just work a little and then lay down. Yeah.. that's it. Just a couple hundred lines, so I can say I did something.

I took Niki to the vet, and he took the bandage off with no problem in 2 minutes. I'm sure it didn't feel good, but it didn't seem excessively painful, and she was sure happy when it was done and she could get off that table. He said it wasn't healed real well yet, and he put another bandage on it and gave me some to use to change it again if I need to, but it's a different kind of bandage that looks like it will be much easier to get off. So, she's all set for a little while.

After the vet, we stopped at the grocery store cuz I had to pick up a few things. I really didn't want to go, but I had no choice. So, 48.00 later I finally got home and now I'm exhausted. I know J is gonna be home in a couple hours, expecting me to cook something for him..but he can kiss my shiny white hiney. I ain't cookin' squat. I'm too tired.. and I got bonus money to earn!

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