Saturday, February 14, 2004

Feel The Love!

Is it wrong that if I got a Valentine's Day wish..I'd wish I could orb J into another dimension? Not a very Valentine-y thought, huh? hmmm.. he's been up for a little over an hour, and has been on my nerves for over half of that. Bitch, Bitch, Bitch..whine, whine, whine.. I swear, he's worse than any woman. All I want to do is get a head start on my work and/or take a nap. I'm very, very tired, as I only slept 3 hours this morning, so far, so I'm cranky to start with, and he comes in running his mouth and giving me shit five minutes after he gets up. Why? Because he needs some kinda tape that he swears he knows we had (but we never did) and I don't know where it is (because it doesn't exist) and so I am somehow deficient and I don't, apparently, know my ass from my elbow, I don't pay attention to anything, and I must have thrown the (pretend) tape away. What I want to say is, "Shut the phuque're being a retard and you're imagining things! Go buy some damn tape and get off my ass", what I say is "We never had any tape, I never saw any tape, you may just have to go buy some". Then, because I'm also, apparently, lazy and don't do anything except sit in front of the computer (working) playing and wasting time all day, the house looks like shit. I don't care about anything and I need to clean the house. What I wanted to say was, "Fuck you! Kiss my ass .. you don't like the way the house looks, clean it yourself or shut the phuque up!" and "I would have more time to clean the house, if I didn't have to work to support you!" What I said was.. "Fuck you! I'm working, when I'm done, I'll clean, if I have time. You live here too, clean it yourself if you don't like it" and (after quick house inspection) "The only thing not clean is the bathroom, and my room.. ya got a problem with it, stay the hell out of here". Okay, so the actual wasn't too much better than the imagined, but at least I didn't call him a dickhead...cuz that would be wrong on Valentine's Day

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