Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Feelin Lucky!

I may soon have all the time in the world to just blog, blog, blog all day. A friend of mine is driving to Georgia today to buy tickets in the Powerball lottery and I'm having her pick me up a when I win I can quit my job and just blog and play all day. Yeah, for me! Of course, she's driving there with the misconception that the tickets she buys for herself will be the actual winners, but since I'm gonna win I don't see how she could be right. I didn't tell her that though, cuz then if she knew I was gonna win and she wasn't, she may not have wasted her time driving there, and I wouldn't get my tickets. Was that wrong of me? Don't worry, I'll be very nice to her and reward her generously for going all the way up there to bring me back my winning tickets. I'm busy making plans for my winnings, and making lists of all the people I'm gonna buy houses and stuff for, and the big ol' cruise I'm going on when I win my 215 million dollars. I'd sure be having one HELL of a party, I can guarantee ya that. Since I won't get my millions until after the next drawing, I suppose I should get my butt back to work and try to earn some money.. you know..just in case.

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