Wednesday, February 11, 2004

I was flipping channels here in the early morning hours, trying to find something interesting to watch on my 7 available channels, and I came across the show The 5th Wheel. I watched it the other night, too, since there wasn't much on, and I thought it was entertaining, so I decided to watch it again tonight. I have seen this show in the distant past here and there, but never really followed it or watched it frequently. I used to watch shows like Blind Date once in a while, and I thought they were okay, but the 5th Wheel has totally changed in the last two shows I caught. They need to rename it Lesbian Hookups, cuz that's pretty much what it has turned out to be in the last two shows. The first show, I actually watched because I saw that Anthony, from the reality show The Family, was one of the guys on the show. The other was some dork I didn't know. After they all flirted and molested each other sufficiently, they had the final segment where they all choose partners, and Anthony chose the girl they brought in as the 5th Wheel, some really, really ditzy blonde bimbo, and the other guy made his choice, who promptly dissed him when both the other girls chose each other, and walked away hand in hand. I cracked up at that one, I thought it was a strange occurrence, but as it turns out, it's not so strange, because the same thing happened tonight. Only tonight, all three girls openly admitted they liked women as well as men from the get-go. They brought in this long haired, bleach blonde bimbo with a size HH chest, who was almost wearing her dress. The other two girls were just as impressed as the guys, and ended up doing body shots on the girl. They were all giving the guys lap dances, and they all were feeling and groping all over each other, kinda like a mini free-for-all. After all was said and done, one guy chose the HH bimbo, and she chose him, so off they went, and the other dork, a skinny, good looking, but rather annoying wiccan guy, got dissed when the two girls proclaimed themselves soulmates, and walked off happily together. Now, coincidence? maybe, except for the promo for tomorrow's show is all girls.. no men in sight, no pretense of it not being all about lesbians, or at least bisexuals. The 5th Wheel is a guy, but he'll probably get passed over for a girl. Maybe not, but probably. So, the question is, does this show have the same producers as Jerry Springer? It's all about the lesbians, it's blatantly about sex and who can be freakiest on camera, and hooking up for purposes of sex. It didn't used to be like that, they used to have some decency. It used to be a dating show, now its a sexual freakfest, where exhibitionists, tramps, and man-whores get together to hook up and get busy. I guess if you wanna be successful, you gotta cater to what the people want to see, and this show has been on for quite a while now, so they must have a steady audience. It's probably an extension of Jerry's audience, to be sure. All I know is, I'm appalled, disgusted, and shocked at the total disregard for morality perpetuated by this type of show and.. I can't wait for tomorrow's show.. pass the popcorn, will ya! : O)

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